Before everything collapses - a solo RPG with a jenga tower and a smartphone

Hi !

If you like solo RPG, this is a test I made this week.
In this game, you play an Explorer in search of secrets and mysteries in a Tower that could collapses soon.

It's a hack of Kienna Show's Before the Tower Falls : you play this game with a Jenga tower and an app that randomly creates what the Explorer finds.



  • Very interesting idea!
  • Thank you Paul !
  • I really need to get some jenga pieces. My daughter used my previous ones and all are scattered everywhere in her room / the house / the garden.
  • I found the solution : I bought two "no name" block towers for my daugters and one real Jenga for me :wink:
    But I can't tell if it's a sustainable solution :smiley:
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