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  • Anyway, writing too much again, using too many analogies, trying to make too many points at once. Gonna stop here. I’m ready to be schooled, but so far I’m not convinced that the reaction was appropriate in severity.
    Are you fucking kidding me right now!??!?! This is like… not even the top twentienth strength of reaction of severity that I've had here on S-G! #emo2097

    And, that's a legit point of contention between me and Emma and something that I have a guilty conscience over. Can't harness these emotional superpowers though♥
  • I’m not necessarily talking about your reactions when I talk about severity, Sandra. All in all, yours have been well founded and grounded. You bring up good points and make them solid with well grounded arguments. I’ve certainly learned from this. You are not the only one on “your side” of the discussion.

    And yes, the rise of extreme right politics over here in Europe is certainly worrying. We don’t have actual nazi symbology on the voting posters (at least not counting those made with spraypaint), but the rhetoric is worryingly similar. Most of that is outside of my circle of friends, mainly because most of my friends are either teachers or churchpeople (though the last group often lacks some amount of critical thinking, which leads to some of the stuff leaking in, though not in the severity of the ideas in Eero’s arc adventure.

    This all to say that I can see, now more than ever, after your last post, that some people will honestly not even see the evil in it when they play it, but might see it for good, and love the adventure because of it. And that is very worrisome. I’ve ever only came across two such people. And then only through facebook. I haven’t cut them out of my life (since I’m under order to love my enemies) but haven’t stood by idly as they spout their nonsense (since I’m under order to love my enemies). One of them blocked me. He didn’t want my help. The other is a sort of frenemy, of which I’m fretting how much longer this can last before I have to give him up. (He would unironically love the arc adventure)

    I can also see how, in those circumstances, minorities will feel extra threatened. And will be more sensitive to this material.

    So, don’t be discouraged. It might feel like you are shouting in the desert, but people are listening. And if you want to go full John the Baptist on me, don’t be afraid to call me a brood of vipers. I might even come to my senses. After a while. I’ve got thick skin. It means I can take a critique, but it takes me a while before things get through to me.
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