Anchoring = Situation X Ability specificity

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This follows @WarriorMonk skill balancing thread. The idea is that the importance of an ability depends on the actual situations in play. Nothing new.
But "it depends" doesn't go far.

So I jumped over the "scale" pit and brought back a model.

Anchoring = Situation X Ability specificity
Usefulness = Situation / Ability
With this piece of advice : try to have homogenous usefulness ratings or adapt effect or cost of abilities.

The formula requires a sort of log scale looking like that :

Ability specificity:
General social skill 1
Milieu wise 2
Faction contacts 3
sedentary NPC 4

Situation specificity :
nomadic episodic 1
cosmopolitan 2
milieu 3
huis clos 4

Is the log scale adequate ? Alternative is 0-1 rating.
Is it simple enough that you can come up with Ability & Situation scales just like that ?
If you tried to make a skill list or the like, do you think the formula could provide useful guidelines ?
Other ideas ?
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