Building my first Homebrew (a Supernatural Campaign)

Hey All!
I am new to the forum and have been looking for a place to connect with other tabletop RPG players and get some creative help and just overall advice!
I am currently a player in a Pathfinder campaign, and will be taking over the torch of GM once this campaign finishes.
After speaking with the GM (who will become a player) and the other players, we decided we wanted to do a Homebrew Campaign based off the TV series Supernatural.

So I started to research rule systems and decided on using Dungeon World as the base for my Homebrew. We wanted to move from something very roll and math based to something more story based and Dungeon World seemed to fit the bill perfectly!

I now have a base idea of how the Campaign Front will go - but would love some help on building more adventure fronts for throughout the campaign (such as idea's for vengeful spirits, ghosts and other monsters) and even idea's for the Campaign Front!

Here is my base Campaign so far, focusing on mainly seasons 1-5 of Supernatural:
Usual Monster hunting for a few sessions to get everyone into the game.

Eventually they will come across a cultist vampire coven that has been working for Lucifer to create a hybrid type of vessel for demons that allow them not to be trapped and harmed by usual methods. They will take over a mental hospital or hospice to do these experiments and things will continue to get worse and worse and there will become more and more super-vampire hybrids the players encounter. (I call them Project Harvest)
There will also be a second evil faction that was broken off from the Men of Letters for also doing weird and crazy experiments on demons and other Monsters. They in fact are followers of Lucifer, whom from the cage has been speaking to them in their dreams. They think of him as the holy lightbringer and are trying to create a perfect vessel for him so he does not need to possess Sam Winchester. Once he is released from the cage (storyline from Supernatural), he will want to possess this vessel and permanently open the gates of hell. This vessel hydrid will be a combination of a Nephilim and a bound reaper, which will also allow Lucifer to control Reapers and Death himself. (I call this faction the Light-bringers)

I plan to tie these into the story line, as I have a player playing an Angel class, so I intend to have the Nephilim actually be the offspring of this player, who has since had their memory wiped of the experiments. As well, one player will be playing a Demon class, so I intend to tie them into the Project Harvest story line.

SO - I guess I would love any idea's and advice you all have for helping me build this campaign. This is the first Homebrew I have ever done and will be my first time being a full fledged GM. I have GM'd briefly before for about 6 months in the middle of our Pathfinder Campaign, but I could definitely use any advice you have!


  • I'd say : make a relationship map of the factions and locations, including neutral factions (free traders, peasants, militia, etc.) and have a list of names, descriptions of places and individuals. Don't bother building it all from start. But give people names and flesh the world as they discover it. If you want to overwork it, get pictures on the internet, create props like maps and scrolls, ad lib.
    Because it looks like they're going to do faction exploration. Discover some of it with them, and let them have free reins.
    If they investigate something strange you didn't mean as an adventure, better so. Show them how the unbalance of power between factions extends its shadow over even this small affair. You'll have them double sold to your faction situation.
    Dungeon World ? Why not. Not the best, but I guess the players come from D&D so the name will placate them.

    If you want them to strictly follow a line of (un)dead bodies, like the exact story you picture, then write all precisely, with some paths variations, and either follow Eeero's posts on the Black Cauldron or use an offspring of Gumshoe system.

    I'd never climb that wall of text !
  • Thanks DeReel! I do apologize for the wall of text! I wanted to explain myself properly!

    We mainly decided on Dungeon World because it is much more focused on the story and the fiction instead of the specifics of the rules, which is what my players want!
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    Nono I meant my wall of text. You gave necessary context in fact.
    Many games focus on the fiction. For weird cults and faction exploration : reading Blades in the Dark or watching some actual play can give you ideas.
  • It’s hard for me to follow the details of your post, since it sounds like your game will be HEAVILY based on a tv show I’ve never seen.

    Having said that, it sounds interesting, and I’m sure you’ll get some good advice here.

    Some thoughts:

    * Dungeon World seems like an odd fit for what I assume is modern-day vampire fiction.

    Are you going to be basically designing your own game, based on Dungeon World?

    Have you seen the game “Monster of the Week”, which is kind of like Dungeon World, but about modern-day supernatural drama? It might be closer to what you’re looking for.

    * Most first-time GMs overplan for their game/campaign. I’d encourage you to plan far less than you think you need to - or want to! - and let the game take form on its own merits.

    Let the players do most of the work for you, and be prepared to be surprised.

    You’re already talking about things that may happen several sessions from now, and that worries me a little. :)

    * Doing GM prep in public and getting multiple opinions and ideas on things is a really fun thing which I think more people should do.

    You’ll find that this is a good place for that! Welcome.
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    I second Paul's suggestion to check out Monster of the week, it's based on the same basic mechanical setup but you won't have to do any extra work because it is already Supernatural with some Buffy the vampire thrown in.
  • Oh yes, it's tailor made for shows like Supernatural.
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