Zine for Translated Games

Hey all,

I’m setting up a Patreon for zine that collects games, hacks, poems, LARPs, etc. that were previously unavailable in English. Smaller stuff is preferred since I’ll be aiming for a 32 page, B&W, digest sized zine I think and quick turn around would keep everyone involved from burn out.

I’m looking for an army of translators active in game scenes that can pitch me games they’d like to see translated so I can pay them to do that. I don’t mind helping with editing and localizing so you’d by no means have to be a professional translator.

I’d pay translators minimum 8 cents a word, maybe a negotiated flat fee for a game poem or more cents for something super grueling and/or technical.

The original authors would get a royalty cut from copies sold in perpetuity. I’m thinking 2% per page taken up by their work in the zine, with a min of 2%.

If you or anyone you know is interested in being a translator who can approach game authors to get their works translated for me I’d love to hear from you! My email is samjokopublishing@gmail.com, twitter handle is kylejsimons.

I’ve also been trying to think of a cool name for the zine so any ideas here would be helpful as well! I think a one-word name would be best.


  • Just wanted to bump this to say that I launched the Patreon for this earlier today. There are already a bunch of cool pitches for games lined up. Come on over to check them out and if anyone wants any games translated or wants to be a translator get in touch with me!

    Here's the patreon: https://www.patreon.com/samjoko
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