D&D "fainting buffer"



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    Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Has it ever seemed strange to roll "Gory death", though? I'm imagining a rat biting your ankle or some such and rolling that #1 result...

    My one issue is that "mortally wounded, and no healing is allowed" seems to be very... anti-D&D. Aren't there lots of "last minute healing" spells in most editions of the game?

    I could see using something like D&D's "roll three death saves" in its place.

    And I was wrong about one thing: if you are tracking negative HP, then you ARE taking the value of the attack into account - harder to heal someone at -20 HP than at 0. Good stuff!
  • I really ended up liking the injuries table from 5e because so far it has made sense with every single attack type / damage type that has come up. Sure it can make sense how a fireball gave you a scar or broken ribs. Or how a sword gave you an infected wound
    sorry for being such a complete single-minded fan of 5e :bawling::bawling::bawling::bawling:
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