[MonsterHearts 2 Skin] The Galathea

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The Galathea is a Skin I designed that was first published in the Italian edition of the game; until now it was available on G+, but since that's dying soon I did a site to keep her available.

The Galathea is about facing abuse and objectification. She comes from a past of abuse that keeps going in her present, making her wary of people and in need of someone to support her; she focuses on dealing with being seen and used as an object, and on looking for something more.

Hope she can add something interesting to your games.



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    This is an interesting idea, and I really like the premise of the "construct". The character creation choices support that nicely.

    I am not 100% convinced that the moves always do the right things in the right ways, but I'd have to see it at the table to be sure, either way. Some of them seem so necessary to the concept of the character that I'm not sure what a Galathea without them would look like.

    The Sex Move seems like it could really play to the themes of the Skin more.

    Lots to think about here, and very much worth exploring! Thank you for sharing.

    A small error: "run in a safe place" should probably read "run TO a safe place", I'm guessing.
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    If you do play her and have any feedback please let me know: during the playtests the moves worked well, but they were tricky to design (since The Galathea starts as a victim, but needs to have advocacy) and maybe playing with more players could bring new issues.

    The idea behind the Sex Move is that The Galathea looks for real connections, someone she can truly trust, and when she do open to someone ("a shared moment of intimacy", meaning it has to be real intimacy also to The Galathea) she is able to relief herself of some of her burden; does this make sense to you? Again at the table it worked well, but as much as I tried to playtest her the playtest pool were not so big.

    Thanks for the feedback, I fixed the typo.
  • Yes, that does make sense. I wonder if it might be good to spike it even more - if the Galathea can't heal (which, unfortunately, relies on a certain move being chosen), the Sex Move could remove Conditions and heal all harm, for example.

    I'll have to see it in action sometime! Glad to hear it's been well playtested. It's an ambitious design, and I applaud you for that!
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