Critical Role Raises $6.95 Million on Kickstarter – Thoughts?

Curious what the community here thinks about this:

In short, the Critical Role D&D actual-play series has raised $6.95 million for an animated adaptation of their campaign – in less than 10 days. That puts them in the top 10 film & TV Kickstarters ever, and eclipses pretty much every other tabletop rpg related Kickstarter by a long shot.

The article goes into some of the issues this raises, but I imagine folks on here have some deeper insights/comments. I know Critical Role has come up before, but this is a whole other level, imo. (Personally, I love actual play podcasts, but have never heard/watched Critical Role).



  • Thanks for posting this! I have a friend doing some real research about Critical Role and the role of RPGs in current media, so I will forward this and then it read it myself immediately.
  • This is the glamour industry for you--winner take all
  • Aw man, JD... maybe this will be one of those things that seemed so obvious in retrospect.

    The mind boggles!
  • Comics, books, and tabletop RPGs are all feeders for Hollywood, which eats ideas and excretes profit. I’m looking forward to the My Life with Master movie, personally.
  • Will it be a Pixar production, or Tim Burton?

    (Or... the White House edition?)
  • I'd find better uses for nearly 7 million dollars.

    What I liked about rpgs was that it was a hobby that mostly anyone could buy into.
    I grew up in a working class family, it and reading were hobbies that my parents could afford.
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    My takeaway is that this is a huge amount of money for an rpg project but not a huge amount of money for an animation project. The Incredibles 2 made 182 million dollars on its opening weekend. Good for Critical Role for making a project they're so excited about and finding an audience.
  • Critical Role (the people developing it and running it) created an audience by putting out an entertaining product. They also seem to understand their audience and the fact that there's a large overlap between RPG fans and animation fans. Good on them for finding another product that seems to resonate with their following. If the shows do well, perhaps Netflix or Amazon will want to make a show from it, like their Marvel shows.
  • Slashdot just covered this story as well!

    According to them, this Critical Role animated movie " now the most-funded film/video project in Kickstarter history." Woah!
  • Good link, thank you! (Just don't go visiting the comments...)
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    @Paul_T The comment to that article are pretty tame compared to normal /. comments. Just read the comments at +1 and you'll be fine. You can adjust comment depth at the top of the comment section. If you are reading on your phone just select funny/outstanding/...

    I found this little gem there: If you don't already know xkcd, it's a wonderful comic. It should be read by all, "A webcomic of romance,
    sarcasm, math, and language."
  • xkcd's little tribute to Gygax is a true gem! No question.
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