Beings from Beyond Kickstarter


BEINGS from BEYOND: Demons, Devils and Angels for Fantasy RPGs

Beyond the veil that lies between worlds, are beings of unimaginable power. Some are creatures of blazing beauty and transcendent revelation. Others are stains upon the fabric of reality itself, unspeakable entities before whom eons are instants, and whose dark designs span the universe.

BEINGS from BEYOND is your guide to these entities, known to mortals as Angels, Demons and Devils. Part bestiary, part setting supplement and part adventure generator; the full book will be at least 135 pages long, in a starkly beautiful black-and-white style. Within its pages are scores of random tables for generating everything from Demonic cults to extra-dimensional paradises, re-imagined mechanics ranging from summoning to madness, and plenty of evocative lore to help you involve these awe-inspiring creatures in your tabletop role-playing adventures. Statistics are included for 5th ed. for ease of use, but the supplement is compatible with all kinds of fantasy RPGs.

If dreams and nightmares from other dimensions interest you, please check out the Kickstarter! If you want to glimpse into worlds best left unseen by mortal men, sample pages on Devilish Secrets, Demonic Invasions and Angels of Order can be perused here.

If you wish to peer into the very abyss itself... I am more than happy to answer any questions in the comments :)
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