[London by Moonlight] Development in Progress

I'd like to thank everyone for their input. I finally have as game system that is workable and marketable. I'm going to report on its development and playtesting here. Feedback and questions are always welcome.

I've been able to walk 3 of our 4 playtesters through character creation. Still haven't gotten the 4th due to scheduling conflicts. So far, we have a Werewolf Assassin, Two-fisted Archeologist, and a Burned Out Demonologist.


  • Your game sounds interesting, I would love to check it out! It seems the links in your previous posts are dead. Is there somewhere I can get a current version?
  • Currently, the only place I have the system files is on the London by Moonlight Discussion Group on Facebook. It is open to the public, so you should be able to download them. If there is a problem, let me know and I can see about making them more accessible. The system has changed drastically since I posted about it here.

  • New Alternative "How to Play" Chapter of Dream System using dice instead of cards. This one uses a set of black and white dice. It's simpler than the other rules, and I'm, hoping it would be more fun to play.
  • Some big changes there have been some big changes in Dream System since my last post. I have eliminated the alternative how to play chapters, and decided to go to make the black and white dice mechanic the the primary conflict resolution. After much thought, I came to the realization that the other methods were simply too "fiddly". I feel that this method will provide for a smoother play in conflict resolution.

    The new files can be downloaded from https://facebook.com/groups/693446127681035/files/
  • While working on London by Moonlight, it occurred to me that it was still missing something important. I have been concentrating on the system so intently, then forgotten about the fictional world. So I've decided to borrow a page from Castle Falkenstein, one of the role-playing games I've admired for years. Falkenstein begins with the book diving directly into the fiction, telling the story of Tom Olam and how he arrived at magically Victorian world of New Europa.

    That's the way I need to start my book. Even though the setting is modern-day London, it still might as well be in another world for Americans.

    London by Moonlight will begin with “The Journal of John Whitehouse.” John is the head honcho of Lake & Sword Investigations. It will show his growth from a US marshal in the 19th century to a supernatural spymaster in modern day in London.

    The support of my friends is greatly appreciated. It's been a long long time since I tried to write fiction, and I truly want to be able to entertain whoever purchases this book.
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