Escape From Dino Island (A PbtA Survival Adventure)

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster. My collaborator and I have completed a first draft of rules for our PbtA survival adventure game Escape from Dino Island. It's designed to tell a one-to-two session story of adventure, survival, and mystery, in the vein of Jurassic Park (of course), but also shows like Lost and games like Half-life or Resident Evil, where real-world heroes are in over their heads in a situation that's gone terribly wrong; they're full of action and suspense, but fighting is rarely a good option.

We're pretty excited about how things are coming together, but would love any thoughts or feedback on what we've developed. In particular:

-Are the thematic elements coming through?
-We've got a questionnaire to get the story set up. Does that all make sense?
-We've got some tools/resources for emergent mysteries and escalating the action to the climax. It's playable in its current form, but it's tricky straddling the line between freeform story game play and prescribed module-like resources. Any thoughts on this would be awesome.
-Any glaring oversights in things that should be included or jettisoned (playbook moves that would be awesome to include, or story archetype elements that have been overlooked and would be fun to have)

You can check out the rules in their current form here.


Thanks in advance for your time, insight, and feedback!

We've learned so much reading these forums over the years and are really looking for feedback, but if you decide you absolutely love it and have to have it, we've got a Zine Quest Kickstarter here
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