[Soth: a game of cultists vs investigators] The kickstarter is live

I've just launched my first Kickstarter. It's for a print-on-demand version of Soth, a game where you play evil cultists in a small town secretly trying to summon a dark god. Problem is, your friends, family and co-workers are all incredibly nosy ... which'll make it difficult to get away with your murderous rituals.

We funded in 11 hours and now we're on to our third stretch goal.

The kickstarter is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2025062091/soth-a-game-of-cultists-vs-investigators

Soth is a diceless RPG. It’s a cousin of Apocalypse World, in that it uses hard and soft moves and ‘the game as a conversation’ as its foundation rather than playbooks and 2d6+stat rolls.

If the cultists act in a way that draws attention to themselves, the GM earns "Suspicion". Suspicion is spent to trigger hard moves - like ‘creating an investigator’ or ‘having an investigator find the temple’.

Happy to chat about it, but check it out it if a game that feels like the Coen Brothers directed a Lovecraft adaptation is your kind of thing.


  • Sounds cool — there’s a Fiasco playbook with a similar scenario, but this would be a bit crunchier. (Mmm ... crunchy insanity ...)
  • This is a very cool game, happy to hear about the successful kickstarter.
  • I'll have to check out that Fiasco playset!

    There are definite similarities in the two set-ups, but Soth's rules take a different approach to making it difficult for highly ambitious characters to hold it together. Each character has a daily obligation they have to meet to avoid suspicion, as well as a compulsion they have to perform. There's a rule called the 'Mask of Sanity' which proscribes behaviours the cultists have to do if they have a lengthy conversation with someone.

    My favourite rule is that table-talk is totally allowed. It just gives the GM a bunch of Suspicion they can spend later.

    All the rules work together to create a really interesting dynamic at the table: everyone's trying their best while simultaneously compromising their goals.
  • This looks really fun! Love the concept. I read the pitch and immediately thought of a group who would be into it. Congrats on meeting your goal so quickly!
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