The Bat Hack at Dreamation

@Mel_White , I'd also love to hear how The Bat Hack went.
Will do! Short answer is the more you know about baseball, the likely it is the more you will appreciate some of the design choices in terms of player position "playbooks", game resolution choices (each at-bat versus half-innings) and probably some of the GM level decisions, such as which substitute pitcher to call on in the late innings. Although associated with fantasy RPGs, the polyhedral dice worked well to simulate different skill levels for different players. As a hardcore baseball fan, you might enjoy less the other than game-time scenes. I know I wanted to get my character back into the stadium, rather than make charity appearances for the team's reputation! There is some mechanical connection to activities off-the-field to on-field, which affect things like teamwork, trust and leadership. And they are important for character building. I think the game has a nice balance for a spectrum of players. I can see experts adding house-rules (or perhaps an advanced rules version) that adds complexity (higher challenge ratings in lefty pitcher vs lefty batter matchups, for example) but as is we had plenty of tension and drama in two games with some shenanigans at night and the bus ride between towns.


  • This sounds cool, and I don't even like baseball.
  • I'm not a big baseball fan either, but a well-executed sports RPG would be a real achievement worth celebrating. As far as I am aware, that doesn't exist yet.
  • Hey @Mel_White Jim Crocker ran this for me last week (we have our second and alas last session tonight) with the frame that we were playing in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League! I agree that the basic mechanics do a good job of simulating the "slow motion failure" of a baseball game :smile:

    I just might have worked with Rich Rogers on making a pitcher class that might be a stretch goal :smile:
  • @Mel_White thanks! That sounds cool. As long as the game stuff is both baseball-informed and high-consequence, I have no problem with there being other stuff too. :)
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