[Near and Far] second expansion is a RPG?

I was browsing the internet and I found this little tidbit of information on Meetup.com--a call for playtesters for a game I was hoping would expand into an RPG!


The announcement name-checks a lot of games that members here would know, play, or have designed.

If you don't know anything about this game, check here

I am surprised that nobody on BoardGameGeeks.com has posted about this, but you can also read more about the game and its first expansion there as well.

Near and Far is my favourite game (present-day-me, not historical-me). The art is beautiful. The game world is charming. The playing materials are luxurious. And the gameplay is fun.

Since this is story-games.com (ie. a site full of story-game designers), I will note that in my opinion they oversell the story-telling aspect of the base game and first expansion, a bit. I see it as more of a CYOA-Euro hybrid game, but even so, it is an excellent game well worth your money (disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with the author/publisher in the past or now). I just love this game!

I just wanted to announce what I had found. If you want to talk about Near and Far send me a PM, or post in this thread (I guess?).


  • Cool! That’s intriguing. I have Near & Far, and I love the art, components and game world. I just wish I had more time to play it — my board-gaming friends mostly aren’t into long game sessions, and each time we’ve played we’ve ended up having to stop after 90 minutes with the game half-finished. (You wouldn’t happen to live in the SF Bay Area, would you?)

    “Heart's Desire is a new expansion from Red Raven Games that allows players to use the components from Near and Far to play a tabletop RPG. Heart's Desire is a rules-light DM-less RPG. Heart's Desire should especially appeal to people who enjoy RPG systems such as Fiasco, Follow, The Quiet Year, Fall of Magic, and similar systems.”

    Sign me up!
  • @snej What interests me about this is it (1) is set in Arzium (which is not grimdark) using the existing culture, mythology, and geography, (2) uses the existing game components (which are beautiful and a pleasure to play with), (3) is a rules light game (which is what I prefer), and (4) is GMless (which means I can play rather than being the GM all the time).

    At one point I read a rumour that Near and Far would be "ported" over to a game like Fate, but I hope that they have written a game rules-lighter than that.

    I hope that they find a way to make the components from the other Arzium games (ie. City of Iron, Above and Below, and Islebound) usable in the RPG. That would be great.

    But anyway, if they are playtesting that means there is already a playable game in real-life (and it's not just vapourware) and it will soon be on Kickstarter.

    I am curious what aspects of Fiasco, Follow, The Quiet Year, and Fall of Magics inspired them.
  • @snej Sorry, I have been living in China for the past ten years and don't see myself leaving anytime soon.
  • "At one point I read a rumour that Near and Far would be "ported" over to a game like Fate.."
    Actually, it wasn't so much a rumour as another players suggestion/wishful thinking. I hope they go another way.
  • No love here for this game on story-games.com?
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