Update to my 5E house-rules

For those who enjoy my 5E stylings, I've revised and cleaned up my house-rules doc.


  • Nice! It seems to me that the text is clearer than before (may be my imagination).

    What are the changes? I couldn't spot any significant structural differences. (If it's just details and presentation, though, well done.)
  • There's an entirely new source of XP! Q/M, baby--all about the Q/M. That's new. I'll be trying it out with my teenage Blades in the Dark alums + several new players as we do Lost Mine of Phandelver. (Today we did session 0.)

    I also made the thing about table tents, and working together to craft BIFTs, much more explicit, which is really important. There's a guy on RPGnet using my house rules right now and spreading them around, so I wanted the doc to be clearer.
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    Ah! Excellent. I like both!

    This document is a lot closer to something I could actually import into my game and use. Nice!
  • Yeah, I realized there were way too many unspoken assumptions in there. There still are, of course, but I've gotten rid of some of the more egregious ones.

    I am thinking about putting some more designers notes in the margins as comments.
  • If you had the ability to formalize or explain what you're doing GM wise here, that might be worth its weight in gold to some people. Just saying! ;)
  • ...or type up an adventure which you feel demonstrates it well - either in terms of what your prep looks like, or as a detailed AP.
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