What did you play this week?

New year, same question: what did you play this week? And if you didn't game, don't feel bad. There's always next week.

If you want to chat about someone's game or dig into detail, start a new thread and go wild. More threads talking about games are better.

(Here's what we played in 2018, 2017 and 2016)


  • This week I played Cthulhu Dark, the Trophy, and a home-brew game in development that mixed a little bit of PBTA and maybe Fate...plus Roughhouse, another game in development.
  • Played a short, picaresque mis-adventure in a D&Dish, urban fantasy setting called Umberwell using a bastardized version of Trollbabe's conflict mechanic.

    Vithra Valia’s Misadventure
  • I played Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne (with Paul T, Jeff and Dave). I found this game quite charming. The subject matter is very serious (burning a witch is, after all, a very deliberate act of murder), and lent itself well to drawing the best out of the players. Dave's haunting rendition of the witch Elouise helped set the tone for the story. I played Ham, the unreliable guide. I had a surprising amount of fun playing the role of an anti-hero coward. It turned out that my "Ham" was really someone else, who had replaced the murdered original, and was leading the procession into a trap. When the trap failed, Ham even managed to avoid discovery, (barely) outsmart his companions and get away. We had an amazing surprise ending as Brother Armond actually replaced an innocent Elouise at the stake.

    I also played Muse with my co-workers. We're playing a cosmic horror game in which the Elder Gods have bound Azathoth (the insane, blind watchmaker creator god) to human form on Earth. Meanwhile, the Great Old Ones are plotting to release Azathoth from his binding, and somehow Azathoth's human-seeming grandson Avery is a part of their plans... We're still at the early part of the story, but it's shaping up to be a good one.
  • Started to play D&D 5E Lost Mines of Palvander. I'm a half orc paladin and I try to play it princess play wise.

    We continued our BitD hack campaign. This 6th session was the best IMHO. I started to slide back to my satyrical 'boorish idiots & ignorant assholes' in NPC style which players always seem to love! I cannot jump

    I also playtested my fantasy variant of Amidst Endless Quiet about an old witch who can bring back to life a forgotten hero. It was ok but needs some fresh thoughts. Maybe Ill borrow ideas from Diadem after I tried that out!
  • Ran Agon for the first time using @Ben_Robbins Beast of Kolkoris scenario. Went well and everyone enjoyed it, but we only had 4 hours so we ran short on time. Made it through but the last half was pretty compressed.

    Also continued DnD 5e Out of the Abyss. Characters running errands for Vizeran - approaching the end.

    Call of Cthulhu Shadows of Yog-Sothoth has been on a bit of a hiatus due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Ran Agon for the first time using @Ben_Robbins Beast of Kolkoris scenario.
    Just searched it up. That scenario looks neat!
  • I ran Numenera yesterday, finishing up our first adventure after numerous sessions. This has turned out to be very much a casual, hanging-out sort of game group. I ran "The Vortex," the first Gen Con adventure. Remarkably, despite all the messing around and side chatter, everyone survived and completed both stages of it (only one of twelve groups made it to the second stage at Gen Con 2013).
  • We set up out upcoming game of My Life with Master yesterday. We have an arctic "Wild West" setting and a Master who presides over a mining town he's milking dry in order to justify abandoning his family to die some years ago.

    It's amazing that all of us (in our small group) missed out on this classic game! Finally, we get a chance to give it a try.
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    I played a session of my in development game Thornwood: School of Magics with some improviser pals of mine. They came up with some hilarious characters and got through three weeks of school and character creation in our 3 and a bit hour session which is a pretty good pace I think.

    This one will hopefully be more of an ongoing thing so I can work out some best-practices for campaign based gming for the game. The game is meant to have on overarching mystery peppered with school drama (Skunko was forced into a duel with someone who was bullying them and nailed a roll to use the spell they were learning that made people blurt out their most embarrassing secret, which was very effective in front of the gathered crowd). One thing I want to do is set up some guidelines for the gm to be able to generate a mystery on the fly, so I'm seeing how that works out by trying it myself.

    So far the threat has been introduced: some sylvan spirits have been angered and are violently possessing the Thornwood tree and the animated Broomstick servants. I've just been winging it so far but now between sessions there might be a little bit of prep to set up some red herrings and find out who or what is behind the disturbance.

    The session also highlighted a couple of incomplete mechanics so I'll have to work on them.
  • In some alternate timeline, this week I ran Call of Cthulhu, DnD 5e and a two-shot of Dogs in the Vineyard.

    But over the last four days, they all fell apart due to illness, scheduling conflicts and MLK weekend travel. So now, sadly, I have a week with no gaming. So this is a "what I might have played this week" post.

    Status: bummed and grumpy
  • Hurray for a new year and new thread! Reading about what people have been playing is my favorite thing about this forum. :)

    This weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Language Play mini-convention in Olympia. Thorny Games came and ran some of their games as well as some other games that focus on language.

    First, I finally got an opportunity to play Dialect. We played the Martian Outpost setting and had a lot of fun creating corporate babble. I want to think about how I can bring the language more to the forefront next time I play. I felt like we created a very cool story, but I also felt we didn't focus enough on our dialect.

    I also got to playtest their upcoming game Xenolanguage. I won't say too much because the mechanics are still in development, but it was an excellent game mirroring the premise and structure of the movie Arrival/"Story of Your Life". I'm excited to see this game finished and out in the world!
  • Currently playing John Reiher's Into the Chasm. I got a band of young red cloaks exploring the first strata and wanting to make a name for themselves.
  • I, once again, played Castles and Crusades! I love me some C&C.
  • I played Witch: The Road to LindisfarneWe had an amazing surprise ending as Brother Armond actually replaced an innocent Elouise at the stake.
    Interesting -- how did that work, mechanically?
  • If you're curious, here's my 'actual play' of Into the Chasm.
  • I ran a playtest of Facing the Titan, a story-game I'm writing. The Cursed Company, made by a druid, an old soldier, a necromancer and a priestess, managed to defeat Gureintinku, the One who Judges. A dragon that destroyed cities because it felt their leader was guilty. Of something.

    Playtest was great, cause the game ran well, but also because some flaws were revealed. Need to work on things, now.
  • Night´s Black Agents: Until the fourth generation. The first confontation with Dracula is over. Dracula escaped. Mina Harker and Abraham Van Helsing became his minions. A disenchanted and bitter Dr. Seward retired. Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood dedicate their lifes to the contest with Dracula. These are the adventures of Operation Edom. Its hundredandtwenty-year mission: to explore strange creatures. To seek out new possibilities and bring glory to the empire. To boldly do what no man has done before!
  • Torchbearer session with lots of tactical espionage action and Goblin Town (Goblinville?) session with lizardmen diplomacy. It was a good week for games.
  • My colleagues and I played a second session of cosmic horror flavoured Muse at work. One of the Questions is, "Will Ozzy find his grandson Avery?" For those not familiar with the mechanics, until the Question is formally answered, no-one is allowed to narrate the answer. This creates a lot of back-and-forth where plot events might make it more or less likely that Ozzy finds Avery without Ozzy actually finding him (or definitively losing him). This has led to some pretty funny in-game moments, like: (1) Ozzy sensing that his grandson was in danger, teleporting to the scene, not seeing Avery immediately behind Ozzy, and Ozzy blasting the attacker in annoyance and teleporting away again, and (2) Ozzy using magic to track Avery and continuously arriving to Avery's location moments after Avery left. I'm sure Ozzy felt a bit like Fievel in An American Tail.

    None of the other players is a gamer, and at the end of last session one of them asked me if it would be "OK if he played the game on his own with his cousins." Yay!
  • A little two player voice message game I’ve made up called “press 3 to delete”. Still tweaking things. Fun.
  • Last night, I played a session of Fall of Magic. It's my first time with the game, which I picked up recently for a little cheaper than the retail price (one player had played it once before). We had a great time, and it forms a fitting end to a few lovely months of playing in-person with this all of this group. One of the players is moving to Taiwan, unfortunately for the rest of us. This has been one of my favorite groups to play with ever, and this game was perfect for us and the methods of shared collaboration we've developed.

    We had five players, which means each round takes a while, but we ended on Castle Stormguard after about four hours. One player was the fugitive from Stormguard, and that helped create a great climax. (The player moving the Magus left it up to a die roll to see which way we'd go at the first fork in the road, so off to the castle we went.) We're going to try to get another couple of hours in next week, though there's no way we'll get to explore the entirety of the map. We might try finishing it up over Roll20, but that means missing out on the lovely physical components.

    The other gaming for the week was on Roll20, discussing an upcoming game of Day After Ragnarok (Savage Worlds version).
  • Since last I checked in...

    Three sessions of Nerves of Steel

    So much goddamn Monsterhearts, mostly in my Kingsport setting; finished runs of Kingsport 1943, and a season of the f2f game at the meetup.


    Alas For the Awful Sea: I ran The Wind and Rain starter adventure. Gay love, amputation, and at least one epilogue spying for the British in Buenos Aires.

    Monsterhearts 2: Kingsport 1886: Wherein the Faery King wants to reconnect with his former favorite, a dying spinster in Amherst, Massachusetts who happens to be the greatest poet America has ever produced; featuring the rivalry of the Faery Queen, and the machinations of the Finch, the Queen (playbook) in finding his own favorites. I get to play Emily Dickinson. I'm happy :smile:

    Upcoming: in February, Good Society but using Tolstoy not Austen as the source material.
  • Do you plan to broadcast the other Nerves of Steel actual play ? Pliiiiiz
  • Eventually :) It takes a lot of post time since I need to put back in the soundtrack.
  • I played Witch: The Road to LindisfarneWe had an amazing surprise ending as Brother Armond actually replaced an innocent Elouise at the stake.
    Interesting -- how did that work, mechanically?
    @Lisa Padol -

    There's a little bit of an actual play report and discussion of it here now:


    That should answer your question! It was a good game.
  • Night´s Black Agents: Until the fourth generation. The first confontation with Dracula is over. Dracula escaped. Mina Harker and Abraham Van Helsing became his minions. A disenchanted and bitter Dr. Seward retired. Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood dedicate their lifes to the contest with Dracula. These are the adventures of Operation Edom. Its hundredandtwenty-year mission: to explore strange creatures. To seek out new possibilities and bring glory to the empire. To boldly do what no man has done before!
  • We played 4 short games, a sort of linked minicampaign in a few hours at a Story Game con
    1. Sorceress Bloody Sorceress about a coup
    2. Love & Darkness about the new kings reign
    3. The Last Stand about a failed rebellion
    4. A fantasy hack of Amidst Endless Quiet about finding and reviving a hero from the past.
    We did not have the time to finish it with an epic quest like thing with the heri but it was very cool!
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    Contingency Games, Day 1:
    I facilitated A Penny for My Thoughts in the lodge this morning, despite one player dropping out due to food poisoning (he felt better later and dropped by for a social call). We use the Cthuloid assumptions for our play, with a final score of "one tragic hero, two evil villains" by the time we got to out last memories.

    In the afternoon, I ran My Life with Master in a shortened form for four players, telling the tale of a dismebodied being trying to construct the perfect vessel for itself by collecting parts from the local townsolk. At the end of the game, two minions integrated back into society, one destroyed themselves by completing the hanging they had been sentenced to many years ago and the last was destroyed by the townsfolk as they were determined to burn a witch and she was the best target that presented itself.
  • Just finished my story arc for Into the Chasm.
  • James,

    How did that work in My Life with Master? Are you referring to the epilogues?
  • James,

    How did that work in My Life with Master? Are you referring to the epilogues?
    Yes, one of the players got the epilogue that resulted in them being killed instead of joining the townsfolk, leaving the town, becoming the new Master, etc. We'd set up an angry mob of townsfolk setting off to destroy the 'evil witch of the woods' who was threatening to take their children, but the Minions had already destroyed the Master by the time the townsfolk arrived. The player of a crone-like character, who had the bad habit of cackling uncontrollably when witnessing murder, narrated how the angry mob picked on her as a way to vent their hostility and she was burned as a witch.
  • Very interesting! We are playing MlwM for the first time ever over here, so it's cool to see how the epilogue rules can interact with the developing fiction. Cheers!
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    Contingency Games, Day 2:
    A playtest of Best Quest (still a placeholder name) this morning: the system uses character sheets for archetypal fantasy hero roles, which have prompts for heroic deeds tailored to that character, e.g. the Barbarian fights huge monsters, the Bard tells tales of glory, etc. The other players then put forward their suggestions for the details of the deed and everyone votes on which one they like best. You score XP based on how many people vote for the same deed and whoever has most XP at the game's end gets to level their character up!

    I ran There's Somebody at the Door this afternoon, my tense and paranoid PvPish game using the Hot War system, with the premise that the only 5 humans exploring an alien planet are interrupted at their meal time by an impossible visitor. I love this scenario because it frequently reaches a point where I can sit back and let the PCs s react & scheme for about 30 minutes at a time.

    Finally, this evening I found a space in a game of Savage Worlds: Rippers, taking on the role of a Scottish Reverend and playing my part in ridding a town of a curse, a headless horsemen, zombies and an evil sorceress.
  • "There's Somebody at the Door" sounds totally intriguing. Have you got any public materials for that anywhere?
  • Not yet, but having run it twice at different conventions, I think I'm ready to collate the materials I've used into a more presentable form and write down my headspace about the game so that other people can use it.
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    Contingency Games Day 3:
    I facilitated What Ho, World! this morning and spent a truly excellent time involved in Jeeves & Woosteresque shenanigans involving golf tournaments, engagement rings and a truly beastly hangover.

    This afternoon, I acted as Producer on a seat-of-our-pants session of Primetime Adventures, where we pitched, cast and performed the pilot episode of a suggested replacement for Game of Thrones. Centred around the time travelling court of King Arthur arriving in the 21st Century and taking over a large corporation, the series was called "A Company of Knights."

    Finally this evening I played a game again, thanks to Ray's offer of Legends' Walk, where my 'son of Loki' character assisted in averting hundreds of deaths among London's elite and also got paid twice for doing so!
  • Last night we played the first session of a science fiction hack of Swords Without Master (Stars Without Master? Space Without Master?) and it was great so far. We have an interesting setting where half the sapient species ascended into a Singularity state, turned into energy beings and apparently left the galaxy. And the survivors left behind don't understand all the tech from the before. So the PCs are going to be scavenging pre-Rapture tech and try to get it to work to resell it.

    And the PCs are great. A starship engineer, raised in a hyperdrive cult but now exiled for heresy. A cyborg sent into the universe as a living probe, never able to return home. A genetically engineered perfect human with a cyborg dog and a knack for finding things. An amoral archaeologist seeking ancient technology. And a mysterious stranger who can sing forgotten dirges to put people to sleep.
  • We played a short first session of My Life With Master. I'm really liking the setup we've got. It's a gold rush town in the Yukon with a really interesting cast of characters. The Master is the robber baron that owns the town. His minions include a steampunk cyborg, an ex-lawman thug and a scarred, victimized little guy that can smell gold.

    My session of Muse got postponed to next week. :(
  • Monday night Torchbearer and Friday night Goblinville playtest.

    We had our first Goblin die (fighting a sea monster) and it was great. Steady buildup, clear stakes, tragic rending in two. Players seemed to get a kick out of the funeral rules.

    And the player got to make a new goblin in a couple minutes when the party got back to town.

    A good week!
  • Contingency Games, Day 4:
    For Saturday morning, we played Best Friends using a 'Breakfast Club' starting point before seguing into something more like Die Hard and ending with American Graffitti.

    Saturday afternoon was for Dead of Night, using my 'Closure' scenario, a tale of existential dread consuming an ordinary, urban family.
  • Contingency Games, Day 5:
    On the last day of the convention, I wangled my way into a lodgemate's game of Shadowrun: Anarchy and had a good time on a bughunt through a multi-story hotel that took on more than a tinge of the Judge Dredd movie with Karl Urban and quite a bit of the comic book adventures.

    After the charity raffle, I finished the con by offering a session of The Final Voyage of the Selene, which ended up being the most intricately interlocking set of character agendas I've ever seen in the game. My character still got shot through the head in the end though.
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    Ran a full 4-player game of Magister Lor. First time for everyone and it had to fit a hard 4-hour slot so the ending was a bit abbreviated. At one point the Magister was in the crystal and Setarra was running the Sanctum with Kai and Kel off starting a school of sorcery on their own. Ended with Kai and Kel having to decide between putting a young girl in the crystal forever, going in the crystal themselves or convincing Setarra and the Magister to share the crystal to save the universe. Great fun.

    Also continuing with my DnD 5e Out of the Abyss campaign. Nearing the end with maybe six sessions left.
  • Started off the week running D&D 5e in a conference room at the office, at the request of some workmates. The group was made up of two first-timers and one of my longtime gaming co-conspirators. The first adventure is a super-simple little dungeon crawl - enter abandoned manor / retrieve macguffin / flee - but with hooks enough for me to parlay it into a bigger thing given sufficient player interest. The experienced player in the group played a bard, which was great because it allowed him to help out the party/move stuff forward with utility spells, while not taking up too much spotlight during combat (and thus allowing room for the new folks to take action in response to combat's clearer cues). The new players were great participants and seemed to have a lot of fun.

    The one big house-rule I used was to drop traditional initiative and instead run initiative in more of a dungeon-world way, as someone on here suggested (sorry, can't recall who...2097?). While that's worked great for groups of more experienced D&D heads, it seemed to create "when is it my turn?" questions for the new folks. So, probably back to boring old regular initiative next time.

    And I get to run Torchbearer for the first time on Sunday! Very excited!

  • @milesgaborit Excited to hear about your first Torchbearer run!
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    On Monday, I played My Life With Master with some of the folks on this board. The sneaky GM created a scene where my minion (whose monstrous trait is that he is extremely aggressive) was forced to nearly murder a small child. One of the other PCs stepped in and gouged out my minion's eye! Ouch! Great scene, though. The third minion ended up in a struggle to steal a tiny amount of gold from a town person (due to a request from the Master), only to have the Master furious at him that he brought back so little gold. It was a really great session!

    On Wednesday, I played Muse with my coworkers. Last session, one of the players couldn't make it and we played without him. When he read through the synopsis of what happened, he kept saying, "What?!? Who came up with this one?!" and every time it was me sheepishly raising his hand. In our plot, one of the main characters (Avery) is the grandson of Azathoth (the blind idiot creator god), which puts him in potentially the same power bracket as Cthulhu. We hadn't specified up-front what Avery's powers would be. I was inspired by an old anime whose name I forget to have Avery get frequently, gruesomely killed, only to get up moments later completely unharmed. Of course, after having criticized me, the newly-returned-player went ahead and narrated more gruesome Avery death scenes during Wednesday's session. :D
  • @Demiurge,

    Nice synopses; it's great to hear your Muse game is ongoing.

    I recently reread our notes/synopsis for our game of Inconceivable!... it's quite a rollercoaster! Wow!
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    Night´s Black Agents: The Zalozhniye Quartet. 3rd scenario ("The Boxmen"), 2nd evening. It´s a heist scenario. Planning finished, next time they´ll go and steal the nutrient solution for telluric bacteria out of the safe deposit box of a swiss bank strongroom (...maybe).
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    Space Without Master: Two players couldn't make it this week, so I decided that their characters had fallen ill with a mysterious space sickness. I didn't know what it was when I declared this, though, so we had a Discovery phase where we learned more about the illness (a nanite plague caught from some pre-Singularity batteries the PCs were salvaging) and what they were going to do about it. In the end, they went to a space station and learned the nanite plague was a self-replicating terraforming engine that could wipe out life on a planet and replace it with something else. The space station's inhabitants wanted this super-weaponto crush their enemies, but the PCs realized they weren't to be trusted with that sort of power.

    So there was a cool action/chase sequence where they were pushing hospital gurneys through a space station as laser fire rained down around them and the cyborg drained the air from the spaceship to take out the guards onboard, giving them the opportunity to flee with the nanite superweapon in hand. What will they do with this new weapon in hand now? I don't know, but I look forward to next week when we'll find out.

    I need a good list of science fiction-y names and NPC quirks to use when making up NPCs and locations on the fly, because my world-building has been less than stellar. (Note to self: reuse leftover inspirational images I provided at the start of the game.)
  • Ran some stuff.

    DnD 5e Out of the Abyss. The party managed to stay out of Yeenoghu's path (so far). But he will hunt them down next session.

    Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-level funnel Sailors on the Starless Sea. First time running DCC. It was a lot of fun but we were a little cramped for time so I had to cut some stuff from the middle. From what I understand, a fairly low mortality game. We had seven survivors out of a starting twelve. So less than 50% mortality.

    I'm trying to be really well prepared for our meetup games by having laminated handouts with everything the players need and laminated sheets I can write on during the game - the fewer disposable bits the better. Worked well for Agon a few weeks ago and worked pretty well for DCC. Really getting to use my laminator so that's a win.

    Call of Cthulhu 7th Shadows of Yog-Sothoth back after a long hiatus due to the holidays and one of the players going through some major life changes. The crew is preparing to take down the Look to the Future organization or die trying. They are finally realizing that they are pretty much the last line of defense for the world. They're going to do this one themselves.
  • Finally ran Into the Odd. Loved it as a GM! My players were mixed though, its not for narrie people!
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