[S/lay w/ Me] Our play-by-post campaign continues

imageI've been playing a weird postal game of S/lay w/ Me with Petteri Hannila since 2016, and while it took us a year and a half to get back in the saddle, it seems that we're doing yet another episode of that this winter at our blog Writin' with Games. The gameplay happens blow-by-blow at the blog, as we play in the form of straight prose; what it amounts to is a pulp adventure novella that we write in turns, by following the game's rules. It's proved to be a surprisingly entertaining way to play over the last two times we've done it.

If you want to check out the new story, you might want to start here, with "Uneasy Homecoming". At this writing the game has gotten the preliminaries out of the way and we've moved into the "Match" stage where the players amass dice to set up for the eventual climax. We don't know yet for use, but right now the new episode seems like some sort of cyberpunk-ish redemption story, with a guilty assassin and a hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold as the main cast.


  • It's nice to see Eero and Petteri back in action, with the third installment of this mini-saga. I've been following along from the beginning, and this some really compelling and original material here!

    I'd encourage anyone curious to take a look. (And I'd even start from the beginning - click on "Archives" and you can read about Derak and the Jeweled Swamp first, before starting the subsequent stories. Otherwise you might be a bit lost, and it's exciting reading, anyway.)

    Eero and Petteri are also interested in interacting with readers, so go ahead and comment, as well. There's lots of interesting matters to discuss in this process, as it is half writer's exercise (and thus concerned with literary matters) and half game (with the questions that come along with that). The latest chapter has some great commentary about how the game's rules - simple as they are! - create some interesting dynamics between the two co-authors. I'll link to it, since the next chapter should be up soon...
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