The new Indie RPG Pipeline is live!
One of the big challenges with being a fan of indie tabletop rpgs is simply finding out what games are out there, what's being released and what's coming up. I created the original Indie RPG Pipeline as a G+ community in 2015 to help spread the word of the new games I saw. Now G+ is going, I decided I didn't want the Pipeline to go with it; keeping indie gamers connected is more important than ever. So the Pipeline now has a new home and a bunch of different ways folk can follow: by blog, by rss or by daily email digest.

This is the soft launch of the Pipeline which means I'm still looking to improve it to be as useful as I can make it for gamers out there. If you have feedback, or if you're a group organiser or website owner who'd like to talk about how the Pipeline could work best for you, then get in touch.


  • Hello,
    You need to get in touch with the French connection at 500nuancesdegeek

    I don't know if the Grog is still active @Maitresinh ?

    Also, this french man is doing a good job with his game database.

  • A worthy project!
  • Sounds great - how would someone (I.e. me) let you know about stuff which is either here, underway or coming soon?
  • Where can I find your stuff?
  • Thank you for doing this, @EpistolaryRichard . The Indie RPG Pipeline was a valuable resource on Google+, and I'm glad to see it keep existing even if G+ is going away.
  • Thanks. I'm very sorry to lose G+ but it has prodded me to make the Pipeline better, both more comprehensive but also with more options for folk to follow.

    I ran a series of polls on G+ to work out what form it should take and, appropriately, the stuff that caused me the most difficulties and time were actually the elements the audience valued least. So it's been a good prompt at least to reexamine a set-up that hasn't changed since I started it in 2015.
  • What's the best way to submit games?

    I just published 'Behind the Magic' on Itch. It's a fantasy mockumentary game where you play incompetent heroes trying to save the world (and probably failing).
  • Hi Randy, I happened to catch Behind the Magic from your G+ already so have added it!

    For future games, post the game here as a new topic, or tag me on a G+ post or tag me in a twitter post (@richardauthor)

    The pipeline basically runs by me reviewing about 40 rss feeds so what's easiest for me is to put it somewhere which has an rss feed. I couldn't find an rss feed from your site and I've not worked out yet how to get one from an individual's store. If you've posted a link to your game anywhere that does have an rss feed then let me know and I can follow it.

    I do, however, have an rss feed from this forum but only for new topics, so if you post here as a new topic then I'll see it.
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