tools and techniques compilations

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I sometimes see "bolt on" techniques documented on the forum. They are apolemic, simple, efficient, and free. Sadly, this makes them easily overlooked and drowned into the flux of discussions.
I'd like to archive them. I can easily make a drive sheet with links to the threads. There must be between 50-100 of them. That's 2 hours auto hypnosis on a grey holyday day.
I am open to all categories deemed pertinent. In other words, there will be no appreciation of pertinence whatsoever. Anyway, I'll give access to the link open to modification. The only motto will be "don't delete anything."This is slacky as can be. Feel free to bring ideas to the buffet, as long as it doesn't imply actual work from people unpaid.


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    A while ago I asked people here and we made this, feel free to copy and paste.
    I also got a couple of tools there, free to use and modify as you like.
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