[Blood Red Sands]Good substitution for massive amounts of dice?

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I've sort of inadvertently bought Blood Red Sands. I used to know it requires massive amounts of dice, but I forgot and also it was very cheap.
So, buying 100+ polyhedral dice is truly expensive in Argentina, so I'd like to replace them with something else (coins or pearls of different colours, perhaps). Has anyone tried this before? Does the game suffer if I do so?


  • If you're using the polyhedrals to track things (like "current hit points" or whatever) then coins and beads would be lovely and evocative, yes. As randomizers, though, picking coloured stones out of a bag is really slow once you get up into the dozens of rolls. How about playing cards? You buy a dozen used decks, and build your own "d4", "d8", "d12" and "d20" decks, or whatever.
  • I have polyhedral dice. A few of them, at least. Enough to play d&d, for example, but not enough for Blood Red Sands, that needs 25d4, 25d6, 25d8 and 25d10, if I recall correctly. That's because the dice are rolled, but are also tracked as resources and kept in bowls.
    So I have enough dice to roll, but not enough to use as counters.
    I'm thinking of using beads or coins of 4 different colors, for the 4 types of dice, but use dice when they need to be rolled.
  • I remember that in BRS the color of dice is meaningful (it tracks special abilities) in addition to their size. Thus, you might need counters in four different shapes & the prescribed different colors as well.

    What I can't remember is if - in BRS - you ever have to roll dice, then keep them with the rolled number facing (a la Dogs in the Vineyard). This would further complicate things.
  • BRS uses a mat to help you keep track of what "color" your dice are supposed to be. The mechanics are almost a duplicate of Dogs in the Vineyard. During playtesting, Ralph had hordes of cheap dice to roll with.

    A workaround that I might suggest, is to use playing cards instead of dice. I recently adapted some of the BRS mechanics to the game I am working on, London by Moonlight. it would take some work to hammer out the alternate rules, but I think it might work.
  • Oh, right! The mat! With that taken care of, as long as you have 1 dice per kind you can roll, you can replace unrolled dice with coins or other tokens. For rolled dice, you can use paper chits with numbers scribbled onto them.
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