Has anyone done a non-horror hack of Ten Candles?

I recently had a blast playing Ten Candles recently, and I was wondering if there was a hack or a game that incorporated the parts I liked most, such as:

1. There is a defined end point
2. Character creation is short, simple and entirely descriptive (Virtue, Vice, Moment, Brink and Look)
3. Rolling dice is less about, "Can my character Do The Thing?" and more about, "How does trying to Do The Thing affect the course of the scene/story?"
4. Players share the ability to establish truths about a scene
5. Physically destroying index cards as you use character traits

I already have Fiasco, but I was looking for other options as well.


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    Have you looked at Montsegur 1244 or Archipelago? Neither is a hack of Ten Candles, but they do some things similar to what you're looking for, particularly with a defined endpoint and shared narration. (Montsegur is more tragedy than horror, while Archipelago is more open to different genres.)

    They're not perfect fits, but you might be interested in them nonetheless.
  • Most of the 'tragic' stories have the same arc (Lovecraftesque does nearly the same thing with different tools). I think you could use it in different but familiar genres where there is an inevitable endpoint and the pace gradually speed up to it. These would work I think:
    - Mountain Witch RPG
    - The Last Stand / Blaze of Glory type war stories
    - Heroic bloodshed type melodramatic Hongkongesque action flicks
    - Hidden Dragon, Croaching Tiger type tragic wuxias
    - Movies of Wong Karwai
    - Novels of Mishima Yukio
    - ballads and even spagetti westerns maybe?

    Actually, you have given me excellent ideas!
  • I now want a game set in the head office of a company that has just gone bankrupt which makes uses of a paper shredder.
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