Four Ways to Die in the Future

I understand that this is a D&D forum now, but perhaps some of you will be interested in this for auld lang syne.

I'm making a new book.

It's called Four Ways to Die in the Future and it's a collection of four short science fiction role-playing games about death.

Included in the collection are:
Amidst Endless Quiet
Island in a Sea of Solitude
Alone on Silver Wings
The Tragedy of GJ 237b (with Aura Belle)

I'm really excited about this project! Let me quote from the kickstarter page:

We are going to die, now or in the future. In the future, though, we may die in very different ways, with very different meanings. I wrote these games because stories about future of death shouldn't strictly be the domain of hucksters and their false promises of eternal life. Death, more than anything else, unites us all, and we need to tell each other stories about death that are honest and hopeful, stories that don't prey on our fear or our desperation.


  • Are you just kiddin with the D&D stuff right? :)

    We loved AEQ, I have to check out the others!
  • Sorry, yes, kidding.
  • I just backed it! My first Kickstarter...
  • Thanks for telling us about it, Ben. Anything you do is essentially an instant purchase from me. Looking forward to it!
  • I for one am ready to die in the future
  • And we've already funded. That was fast. Thank you, everyone.

  • Amidst Endless Quiet

  • Amidst Endless Quiet
    :D Thank you. I love it, too.
  • Ben, can I ask about your decision to use a pen name?
    I find many variations of identity, and what that abstract thing means, interesting.
    I promise, we can talk about death some other time.
  • Um, I'm actually curious about that decision as well. (But, if it's private that cool too.) Your name carries weight with me since I like your designs. Kickstarter also popped up a questionnaire after I backed the project, something that I have NEVER seen it do before.
  • I have always wanted to write under a pseudonym, basically since I knew I wanted to write professionally (age 8 or so). But because of the strong pressure to use legal names at the Forge, I ended up deciding to publish Polaris under my legal name.

    Since then, I have really regretted not using a pen name. I haven't shifted because it was a hassle and I figured that the toothpaste was already out of the tube.

    Then, last year some time, I realized that just because the toothpaste was out of the tube did not mean I had to keep squirting it all over the bathroom. Thus, the professional name change.
  • Thank you for not using the can of worms analogy.
    I imagine it's quite easy to deal with the fallout, from an opened can of worms.
    Oh, and thank you. I can now sleep.
    I appreciate that rarest or rare happening on the internet, follow-through.
  • Project update: $6,000 stretch goal met, plus some rambling thoughts about Halloween and the Day of the Dead that go nowhere.
  • @Ben_Lehman The rambling thoughts were quite nice. Thank you for them.
  • It's the last 24 hours in case anyone has been on the fence about it.
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