A year's worth of monthly handwritten RPGs

Hey everyone,
Inspired by Grant Howitt's experiment, I've dared myself to write, by hand, a mini-RPG every month of the past year. Most of them came from strange corners of my mind and that's why you can play a tree, a robonimal, a constellation, a pensioner or a cuddly toy... Or more conventional stuff like time travelers and Victorian explorers. System-wise, it ranges from your average d6-based game to diceless and GMless to games where you use Mikado sticks or a derivative of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Oh, and they're all between 1 and 5 pages long.

I originally wrote them in French but I decided to retype them for the English version; you'll find both in the PDF so you can have a taste of how it looked like before translation.

Oh, and you can get the collection for any price you want, right there; getting it for free is perfectly alright by me!


  • This is a brave and excellent project to pursue. Nicely done!

    I haven't looked at the games themselves, but I'd love to hear more about what the process was like for you.

    What was hardest about it?

    What did you learn in the process?

    What about the games you created surprised you?

    Would you recommend this "challenge" to another person? If so, would you modify it in any way first?
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