Inflorenza RPG Actual Play #4 : The Caminos de Santiago


Passion walks next to faith towards Santiago de Compostella.

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Actual Players : Isabelle, Kalum (from The Rolistes Podcast) & myself

[[[ News from the wood :

Discover the illustrated beta version here ! Any feedbacks, comments or proofreading are welcome !

We still look for people to join the actual play's team for one or several one-shots. Please check and fill in those polls :
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picture credits : dsevilla & kotomi & ale triskele, licence cc-by-nc, gallery on

Inflorenza is a french RPG where you play heroes, bastards and martyrs in the forest hell of Milesvale (english translation in progress)

It deals with horror and beauty, sacrifice, power and suffering, and forest. Forest everywhere. Inflorenza is the game to live in hell, to fight for your soul and to die of love.

"The Caminos de Santiago" is a theater from the Inflorenza book.
Through the forests, the moutains and the sea, All roads converge towards Santiago de Compostella, the Christian port and its basilisk with shell walls and the frame of a boat hull. Why are pilgrims risking death on the haunted Caminos de Santiago? To atone for sins so dark they don't have names? For a lord who doesn't want to go there himself? To be the heralds of a new millenarian faith?
The marmoreal face of a statue of the Virgin seen in prayer, a wedding ring at your finger to remember a lost one, a dark man met on the road.
Passion walks next to faith towards Santiago.

We try to show all the respect we have for the protagonists of this theater. But as we are not spanish nor basque nor christians and as this is roleplay (fictionial and partly improvisated), we may have made some mistakes and misinterpretations, so please tell us in the comments.

Isabelle and Kalum are french but their english is fluently. Mine is unfortunately far from perfect, i thank you for you leniency :)

This actual play is in public domain.


  • Very interesting! Is the game continuing to evolve, or are the rules and procedures entirely static at this point?
  • edited October 2018
    Thank you for your interest. At this point of the developpement (a french first edition released in 2014, a thousand tests since the beginning + extra tests by the community), i hope that the game design is quite solid. Therefore, any suggestion or request concerning the game design would still be appreciated and carrefully studied, as we have at heart to do our best and offer the more fluid and accessible game as possible.
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