OSR Game: Bloodwraith, with story implications


I have my 20th kickstarter going as we speak. It's a fantasy world, ruleset, and magic system based around the old game we know and love, but updated to be streamlined and fixate on story rather than fighting.

In this game world, humans are about to become extinct. Check out the link below. If you want. No pressure.



  • I'm not involved in this project, but I am a fan of jim's other works. Particularly Black Monk, the creepiest story game setting I've played in. So I'm looking forward to seeing his vision for a "traditional" fantasy setting.
  • Looks really nice! I was wondering, how does this game fixates more on story than in fighting?
  • i don't come to anyone's house and make sure they're playing it correctly. but the tools are there to help gamemasters create stories with lasting consequences, especially with everyone being invested in the enclave's survival.
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