Inflorenza RPG Actual Play #3 London Girls (+beta version + we recruit ! )


Playing loser girls in search of love, friendship and success in a city invaded by the forest (but who cares ?)

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[[[ News from the wood :

Discover the beta version here ! Any feedbacks, comments or proofreading are welcome !

We still look for people to join the actual play's team for one or several one-shots. Please check and fill in this poll.]]]


picture credits : camillej, Chris Moody, dru, Euan, martin Labar, robert sonart, licence cc-by-nc, gallery on

Inflorenza is a french RPG where you play heroes, bastards and martyrs in the forest hell of Milesvale (english translation in progress)

It deals with horror and beauty, sacrifice, power and suffering, and forest. Forest everywhere. Inflorenza is the game to live in hell, to fight for your soul and to die of love.

"London Girls" is a theater from the Inflorenza book. It has been writen by Eugénie.
Contemporary London, in a world where the premises of Milesvale appear, for a British romcom in the likes of Bridget Jones

We try to show all the respect we have for the protagonists of this theater. But as Côme and I are boys and not girls and as this is roleplay (fictionial and partly improvisated), we may have made some mistakes and misinterpretations, so please tell us in the comments.

Côme (english translator of Inflorenza) plays Karen, a former corporate/advertiser who now studies classic litteracy and fell in love with her teacher.
Isabelle plays Tascha, a fashion designer who tries to rebuild herself after being separated from her mate.
I (author of the french version of Inflorenza) play Dina, a curvy woman who is a youtube star and fashion egery

Côme and Isabelle are french but their english is fluently. Mine is unfortunately far from perfect, i thank you for you leniency :)

This actual play is in public domain.
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