New Aug'18

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection no. 82, including every tabletop project started between 07.29 and 08.21.

Given I traveled to GenCon and caught a cold, the collection returns after a three-week pause with a total of 67 projects. I couldn’t take a close look at all projects, yet most of the projects look great.
I personally backed the The Next World supplements for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins. Given my experience with the core book, I am really looking forward to getting those settings in print.
Another project that caught my eye was Domina Magica. It’s addressing the Magical Girl Anime genre and looked intruiging. Tough as a fan of horror games I do as well got an eye on House of Keys(a gm-less game) as well as Era: The Chosen.
You might like to check the many science fiction tabletop games as well as the fantasy ones, or the others I haven’t mentioned. It’s quite an impressive collection. There are plenty more projects, though I will only briefly mention the 72 Lesser Key Solomon Demons coins, which look amazing, and the French game Meurtre which might serv as an motivation to polish my French. Yet,… take a look for yourself:

English Crowdfundings

4 Role-Playing Games
3 Horror Role-Playing Games
2 Fantasy Role-Playing Games
3 SF & Cyberpunk Role-Playing Games
3 SF-Fantasy Role-Playing Games
8 Supplements
3 D&D Supplements
1 Campaign
4 Adventures
5 D&D Adventures
8 Dice projects
2 Coin projects
4 Dice accessoires
1 Enamel Pin
3 Terrain & Tiles
2 RPG card decks
2 RPG Apps & Communities
5 Various RPG Projects
1 Other Game

French Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game

Portuguese Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games

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