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Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that the EVENT RPG Kickstarter project is now live:

EVENT - a minimalistic & story-driven tabletop Role-Playing Game

Thanks to everyone who'll want to support it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Creative Common edition of the game manual, containing everything required to play, is already available for free download in italian and english language: the PDF links are available in the Kickstarter project page. This means that you don't have to back the crowfunding or to pay anything to get the full game!

The Kickstarter page is quite self-explanatory, however - in case you want to know more about EVENT - here's a brief introduction explaining the game concept and key features.

Anyone with some RPG experience knows that the above aspects can play a decisive role for a successful session: complex ruleset, slow mechanics and slow system of resolution of actions and interactions are often cause of frustration, thus resulting in a disappointing gaming experience for gamemaster and players.

To address these issues, we came out with the following:

* A skinny manual (less than 30 pages);
* A limited amount of core rules, easy to learn & remember;
* A distinctive Character creation System, based upon a sharp Questions & Answers mechanics;
* A strong narrative premise (the Event) that will motivate the players to act as a group, providing their characters a common goal.
* A brand-new character creation system (The Three Questions) that will allow players and gamemasters to build PCs and NPCs in few minutes using a narrative-based approach.
* An efficient Actions & Interaction outcome resolution ruleset, featuring a hybrid approach containing a mix of narrative choices, auctions and dice rolls;

* Innovative contest-resolution mechanics that will force players to choose between winning a contest or narrating its outcome (or try to do both things), similar to those featured in most auction-based Board Games.

The last two points are especially important, as they both empower the players with the chance to partially take control of the story, thus becoming the gamemaster for a short while to conceive and narrate what happens. This “collective management” of the game’s story is definitely the most interesting aspect of the game: such innovative approach is also well highlighted within the manual, starting from the first sentence:

"EVENT is a game system designed to collectively manage the actions and interactions of a variable number of characters played by players and / or the gamemaster from a given event. The combination of these factors will lead to the natural definition of a story within the context of reference, which is called the setting."

In order to play Event you’re going to need: a group of friends, a handful of 6-sided dice, some paper sheets and at least one pencil. As in most RPGs, one of the players, known as the gamemaster, will take care of the core elements of the story, while the others, to whom the manual simply refers as players, will play the role of a single character apiece.

A big thanks to those who will support our campaign.

This is the EVENT presentation & tutorial video, which illustrates some of the most original and innovative aspects of the game system:

Have a good game!


  • Most of these goals sound very familiar to me -- there are a lot of independent American RPGs with a similar basic approach -- but some of the specifics sound very compelling!

    If you'd like to say a little more about what an "event" is in this game, or how you work auctions into the mix with narrative choices and dice rolls, I'd be interested!
  • Hello David,

    first of all, thanks for your interest!

    The "event" serves as a narrative premise that will motivate the players to act as a group, providing their characters a common goal: as a matter of fact, this concept is so important to me that I used it for the title; if you’re going to host a RPG session for a single evening, you’d want the gamemaster and players to actually play together, not running errands, right? Well, the "event" serves precisely this purpose: if the players need a good & quick reason to make their characters stick together, all they have to do is to come up with something that needs to be taken care of, such like an earthquake, a building of fire they were all sleeping in, and so on.

    Please let me know if that fullfills your curiosity or you want me to elaborate more on that.

  • all they have to do is to come up with something that needs to be taken care of, such like an earthquake, a building of fire they were all sleeping in, and so on.
    Does the game help them come up with a good event? Is there more to it beyond "something that needs to be taken care of by the whole group"?
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    Does the game help them come up with a good event? Is there more to it beyond "something that needs to be taken care of by the whole group"?
    Yes, the game provides gamemasters and players some specific guidelines (though not mandatory) to build a compelling event.

    Quoting from the EVENT manual:

    "The event can be conceived and defined by the Master, by the Players or by a joint work of both, keeping in mind these general guidelines:

    1. It must be a single episode or group of episodes closely linked to each other and sharing the same origin, cause or pattern.

    2. It must have already happened, meaning that it should have hit the campaign setting timeline before the first session starts.

    3. It must be relevant and widely known: each character should have been influenced by it in some way or at least have heard about it."

    ... and there's more on that.

    There's also a 1-page long Actual Play example of a typical event. If you consider that we're talking of a 27-page manual (including the cover), I would say that it's a major, well-covered topic.

    However, always keep in mind that we're (still) talking about a rather slim game: I launched the Kickstarter with the precise intent of elaborate these kind of stuff a bit more, adding further examples and explaining it even better.
  • Cool, that makes sense to me! Sounds like a fun way to approach things.

    Separately, if you'd care to explain your auction rules, I'm curious about those. That's not something I see in RPGs much.
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    I think that the best thing you can do to learn more about that is to download the manual: the Creative Commons edition is available for free, you can get the download links from the Kickstarter page (immediately available and without having to pay anything).

    Anyway, in order to have a quick grasp of the auction rules, I suggest to take a look at the introductory video, as there's a decent infographics explaining them (min 02:15):

  • Hi there,

    quick update: since I managed to arrange a pricing agreement to a local publisher that will publish the EVENT Paperback at a discounted rate, i chose to revamp the Kickstarter Project in order to lower the pricing of all the rewards to allow everyone - including those who already backed them - to save a few bucks.

    Here's the new URL:


    I really hope you'll like (and back) it!
  • This sounds cool, and I quite like your goals and the solutions you’re proposing to achieve them. But everything you’re talking about here is purely abstract game mechanics. There aren’t any hooks for someone who isn’t a designer. Like, how does this game play? What does a game session look & feel like? Give us some visceral examples of the Events that can kick off the story, or some compelling characters created with your questions system.
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    Give us some visceral examples of the Events that can kick off the story, or some compelling characters created with your questions system.
    First of all, thank you for your feedback!

    Actually, the 30-page manual is full of actual play example, which basically mimic a real, credible session: players reasoning, character plays/discussions, and so on. I strongly suggest you to read it because it's precisely what you're asking for.

    Here's a "living" example of that (quoted from the manual). Joey is the gamemaster, the rest are the players/characters, and the campaign setting is George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice & Fire / Game of Thrones":

    [From the "Event" chapter]

    After a lot of thinking, Joey comes out with the following event:

    As the war rages in the northern territories of the continent, unprecedented military leverage is proclaimed in the capital. All men and women who are able to fight are required to present themselves within a large recruitment camp organized near the Rhaenys Hill, around the Dragon Pit. The proclamation throws the inhabitants and refugees of the Flea Bottom into a panic, which will certainly be destined for the humblest and lowest sections of the city's military forces, those who will receive the most miserable compensation and, above all, the most risky missions ...

    The event pleases everyone. Dawson and Pacey begin to talk about the characters they could create: two brothers who work in a blacksmith’s workshop within the slums: the event could be a great chance of redemption for both of them. Jen caresses the idea of ​​giving life to a female thief born in the slums that will try her best to avoid the recruitment... or at least to not end up fighting on the front line!

    In the short discussion that follows, the players agree on some further details to better describe the event:

    The officers appointed by King Joffrey to recruit the inhabitants are running city patrols with the intent to capture those who try to escape the military lever, bringing the fugitives to Rhaenys by force; anyone who tries to refuse or resist will be sentenced to death. Moreover, there’s a strange rumor spreading between taverns and brothels: something related to a mysterious alchemical compound that is given to the soldiers that seems to make them more resistant to pain; there are even those who swear that they have seen soldiers being able to develop some sort of superhuman abilities, such as a tremendous amount of strength and stamina...

    [From the "Actions" chapter]

    Jen is the first to know the consequences of her Valy’s critical failure, which is narrated and described by Joey in the following way:

    The Inn at the Crossroads is just a few miles away, yet you realize you'll never get there in these conditions: your feet are cold as death, to the point that you do not feel them anymore. Suddenly, you feel the earth failing under what once were your boots and fall miserably to the ground, covering your face, your hands and your whole body with that nasty wet and cold mud. “Get your ass up, newbie... Or I’ll bury you there!” Yells the officer behind you. When you find the strength to do as he says, you realize that your feet are now covered by nothing more than scraps of leather. Your demise is immediately noticed by your drill sergeant: you can feel his gaze on you as he slowly turns his face towards your direction, shaking his head. "Alas, I knew it: here’s what happens when you’re forced to recruit these useless brats! Now I shall give you a good reason to be sorry, little lazy b... "

    Joey then stops, turning the lights on Pacey/Gorton and his partial success:

    You're tired, but your legs still hold you: you can not wait to be at the inn and to put something warm in the body. Who knows if there is a way to take a bath...

    It’s now time for Dawson to stage his Khan’s full success:

    Thanks to my good training I manage to reach the top of the column. As soon as I get there, I turn to my fellow soldiers to utter the following: "Onwards, scoundrels! You heard the sergeant, didn’t you? Let's try to reach that hovel of inn before those clouds will crumble to our heads!" My words please the drill sergeant and manage to get his attention away from Valy, leaving her be.

    Jen breathes a sigh of relief, thanking Dawson for having used Khan’s full success to help Valy. She then asks Joey to perform an athletic action to get up: Joey is ok with that, yet she gives a difficulty of 4 to such attempt due to the fact that Valy is exhausted after her critical failure. Nonetheless, Jen gets 4d6 because Valy has "Athletic ++" (two boosts): she then choose to avoid taking further risks and playing it safe, gladly getting a partial success without performing any roll. The narrative duties are therefore given once again to Joey:

    By collecting all your energies you eventually raise from the mud and manage to get back on your feet. Luckily enough, the sergeant doesn’t seem to be interested in you and your misfortunes anymore: you’re out of trouble, at least for the time being...

  • Quick update: the EVENT website is now live at https://www.event-rpg.com/

    Let me know if you like it :)
  • I guess I was speaking from more of a marketing standpoint. You need to hook your audience with short, punchy scenarios that the game has the ability to create, and they should be at the top of all your promotional copy. That’s how you get them to read 30 pages of manual.

    An example:

    “As war rages in the Northern Territories, two impoverished brothers are forced to team up with an unscrupulous thief to avoid squads of alchemically-enhanced soldiers searching for anyone they can impress into the tyrannical King’s service.”

    That’s much more compelling to a layperson than “a system designed to collectively manage the actions and interactions of a variable number of characters”, you know? It’s a story game, so put story first!
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    I totally get your point, however - being it a RPG system and not a RPG game coming with an original setting - it would find such marketing strategy a bit deceiving. Some people would appreciate that, while others would argue that I'm trying to sell a picture instead of a camera.

    In the above quarrel, I would definitely sympathize with the latter, because EVENT is mostly a camera, even if the 30-page manual includes a lot of "pictures" (as shown in my previous reply). Those who want to buy the "pictures" should probably support other Kickstarter projects that come with an actual "built-in lore", as they could easily find EVENT disappointing.
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