[VtM] First look on the 5th edition

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I got a review copy of the core book and wrote a article about my first impressions, notable features of the edition and the like. I thought that it might be of interest for this forum ^^

Article: Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition – First Look


  • Thank you, I didn't notice that :)
  • I'm pretty sure that this 5e is more clever and closer to the original vampire and gothic punk themes than 2e, but most of the hardcore fans will think that this is #nottheirvampire and will stick to their favourite edition. Similarily to what happened to V:tR.

    The biggest problem is that this game is also called Masquarade, but there are no assassin or flesh sculpting vampires in it, and this is enough for a backlash! :)

    To sum it up, I think it will fail to gather together most of the fans just like D&D 5E could do, because most of the V:tM fans are still actually not really into the traditional vampire stuff, they like their very special worldview (with 'ventrue looking lasombras in camarilla', etc).

    It will sell anyway so who cares :)

    I'm judging these based on the Hungarian subculture and my whim, nothing more.
  • If there are drastic changes to old and familiar vampire clans, new groups and rivalries, and other novel "metaplot" elements, is it a better or worse setting? According to what tastes? Is there some general motif and purpose in the changes?

    A possibly more interesting angle: does this updated setting makes sense on its own, or only as a sequel of the original one? Is this new edition another issue of a serial, or an attempt to remake VtM from scratch in a better or at least more modern way?
  • Briefly, as I am busy with GenCon and being in the US.
    There are drastic changes to familiar vampire clans, for example the Tremere vienna chantry got bombed, the pyramid beheaded and the clan split into three factions. The Brujah Justicar killed two elder Ventrue and moved towards the Anarch, as did a lot of his clan. The Camarilla and the Anarchs are basically at war and the Sabbat currently on a Gehenna Crusade (for the most part). I like most of the changes. There is a motif/purpose.

    It makes imho sense on its own and is more close to a remake than to something like V20.
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