[Champions Now] Kickstarter in its final 48 hours

I just backed the Hero Games "Champions Now" kickstarter being run by Ron Edwards (Sorcerer, Trollbabe, Elfs, Circle of Hands, Spione, etc). The kickstarter is in its last 48 hours and just funded. I was surprised not to see mention of it here on story-games so I thought I'd add this in case people are interested in jumping on.



  • Interesting project, that. Glad to see it's found its funding. I particularly like how countercultural that whole project is in terms of the Official Imprimatur so often emphasized in rpg culture: it doesn't particularly seem to bother Ron & the team that they're not creating the next official edition of the game here, but rather just putting down one self-consistent vision about what it can be. This is significantly more interesting than a 7th edition (or is that already a thing?) of the Hero System would be, with all that implies.
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