BRD and choices [D&D]

(This is sort of a breakout thread from the 'Unwanted Outcomes'-thread.)

So today I got a new chance to DM for the player who lost a character to the brutal raptor death a couple of Saturdays ago. And…

His PC, that he had played one session with, was left at work last time. So he rolled up a new char and we were hanging out with another player, eating dumplings, rolling up lifepaths, siblings etc etc. And that new char died to BRD right away.

Now I saw his orig PC… and why it was so unlucky that he didn't get to have it the first time they met the raptors. This orig PC has great armor mastery and some Goliath-specific ability, he can shrug off a horde of weenie attacks easily!!! He would've had a chance to show off his build, except instead he lost a really cool blink-lev PC. But, he managed to not tip his hand, he just said, after his initial upset after the BRD, that I should make sure to keep the raptors on the enc table.

I sometimes say that it's not always about what you do in battle, but what you bring to bear. And today they rolled raptors again and easily defeated them.

That's another type of agency, the build agency. The multi-dimensional rock-paper-scissors… tank vs mobile vs spells vs etc etc etc


  • A very interesting follow-up to the story! Thanks for posting.
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