resource management : ultralight tools compilation

I am beginning to work on resource management but only find 1 light model:
The reserves : for each resource you have a quantity, fictional conditions for debits and credits. It works for: wealth, encumbrance, fuel&ammunitions, food&water, influence. It works at micro (how many GP) and macro (what lifestyle can I afford) level. It seems too easy. What am I missing ?


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    we moved away from this model because we found that not having deets about where everything was stored sometimes sucked. like how much of the weight is vs isn't in the backpack that we can cut off when we carry our friend's unconscious body out of the caverns of Thracia etc et

    for ammo the prob was how many ammo can you retrieve
    etc etc

    but in the end yeah we built on this model. we introduced separate list for backpacks etc etc and the arrow threat rule to determine how many arrows are used etc.

    edit: there is a RAW rule for how many arrows you get back (PHB p 146, you get back half -- which means shooting an odd number of arrows suck) but we didn't know that. our first attempt at house rules were various dice based rules. but then we came up with the rule that you lose one arrow for every enemy you actually kill with arrows. in order to narrate you shooting extra arrows if you think that sounds cool, or, the converse, which I think is cooler, narrate that your aims and threats with the bow is what's stressing down the enemy HP
  • For encumbrance the backpack is like a mule to me. How much you can lift varies, and you add the backpack on top.
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    I see it less as a mule (additional capacity) and more as a container (organizing the capacity you already have). My system is here. Likely overkill for most. I'm just brutal when it comes to encumbrance. It's definitely not ultralight.
  • I've complained before about the system in The Black Hack, usage dice, which I do not like, compared to just listing how much you have, but for the purposes of this discussion I think they should be at least mentioned.

    Similar to the resource skill/wealth-track in Diaspora
  • I like the approach to have a "resource skill" (i.e. Fate Core) and simply roll for it if you need to find or happen to have anything.
  • Yes, luggage sets (seems quite lite rules and crunch wise) and utility rolls are the kind of things that I had overlooked.
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