[The Mountain Witch] Kickstarter is live!

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The Mountain Witch 2nd edition Kickstarter is live!

Actually, it's been live since 2am, and it's doing great! It's almost more than my tired self can take.


  • I almost played this with my Monday Night Group a few months back... then caught wind of rumors of a Kickstarter for a new edition on the way. I held off hoping it would all come true. It did!

    Can't wait to bring this to the gang in a few months.

    And congratulations! Looks like you'll be funded by the end of the day!
  • The premium version looks gorgeous!
  • Quick update:

    Yesterday was a phenomenal day! I went to bed with about ~$21,000 in pledges. It left me reeling a bit, as we blew past all the stretch goals I planned for. I certainly can't complain, but of course now I'm wondering what else I should do or offer.

    One thing I need to do is organize that alternate settings stretch goal. (I thought I would have a little time before it was reached, but oh well.) I've talked with a couple people already, but if you have any ideas, feel free to contact me!
  • Come up with a new alternate setting live with first-come backer participants?

    Commission more art?
  • As you wanted a deluxe box, throw a little something shiny inside every box. I suppose it means more art.
    Or long term server space dedicated to the community of players.
  • Will the new edition have any different rules?
  • Tim, I'm just a random internet guy who liked TMW a lot but I wanted to say:
    It's OK to have an awesomely successful Kickstarter without a zillion stretch goals. I've seen a lot of designers overcommit themselves with Kickstarters and then have to do a lot of stuff that they've clearly already moved on from in their own creative work, and deal with a lot of flak from fans who want it all right away. I'd hate to see you join that club.
  • Will the new edition have any different rules?
    I should probably add this to the KS faq. Rules-wise, the new edition has some minor tweaks but is basically the same.

    One thing I did was rewrite rules/procedures to reflect the manner in which people actually play the game, as opposed to the idealistic vision I had before the original book was released. Another was that I formally integrated "house-rules" made up by other people that have become fairly standard in tMW groups. (So depending on your experience those things may feel new or completely the same.) Along with the above, I'm also adding in / developing advice that either was absent or underdeveloped in the old book, but has become fairly standard across the indie scene.

    Abilities are undergoing a bit of revision. They still function the same in play, but you pick them from a list now, rather than freeform create them.

    The area surrounding Mt Fuji is described in greater detail. This may make the adventure feel more structured, but really, it's just as flexible as always.

    The four Acts are described differently. I suspect this will seem like a big-ish change when you read the book, but I think in play it will feel not so different. Basically, Act 1 & 2 (Introduction / Mounting Tension) are the same. Now though, Act 3 (Fates Revealed) explicitly advises that the GM should separate the party, more-or-less, and give each character a number of individual scenes that focus on and potentially legitimizes the ronin's fate. Act 4 (Conclusion) then throws everyone back together and lets the fireworks go off.
  • Everyone else, thank you for the moral support and encouraging me not to go overboard. I have one new stretch goal in mind, which I was already thinking about, but I am not quite ready to announce. I have one or two high level reward tiers I think I'm going to add, but those will rely on things from other people and will not involve overburdening myself.

    Thanks you so much everyone!
  • I have a new shipping option for European backers of The Mountain Witch Kickstarter campaign!

    An associate of mine has agreed to distribute European rewards from the UK. This means I can ship those games directly to the UK from my printer, saving money from having to re-ship across the Atlantic.

    However, I haven't finalized the shipping rates, I just couldn't wait to let everyone know that the option was available. I'll update the reward descriptions as soon as I can.
  • More Kickstarter news: As I hinted at a few days ago, I'm adding two high level reward tiers and another stretch goal for The Mountain Witch campaign!

    First, @Joshua A.C. Newman has offered to make a limited number of framed, "blood"-splattered ensō's. An ensō is a symbol of Zen, a circle drawn in one uninterrupted brush stroke.

    Second, I am also opening up a limited reward tier for backers to pitch an alternate setting or game hack to be included in the setting supplement. After the campaign has ended, these settings/ game hacks will be developed by me and one of my supplement collaborators, according to the details given by the backer.

    Lastly, I am setting a new stretch goal for $45,000, for the purpose of commissioning new art. Joshua and I are still discussing options and looking at artists, but I will update everyone when we have a clearer picture of the specifics.

    Once again, thanks everyone!
  • Lastly, I am setting a new stretch goal for $45,000, for the purpose of commissioning new art. Joshua and I are still discussing options and looking at artists, but I will update everyone when we have a clearer picture of the specifics.
    Perhaps a sliver of art for the variant supplement? Make it nice-looking enough, and it could become a real enough supplement to be sold at some semi-ironic price point at some later date...
  • So has anyone heard anything from Tim since the Kickstarter? Every single place that was supposed to have updates on this project are either not updated or not existing.
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    I am also interested.

    It is a grand mystery, in true Kleinert style. I should be moderately informed, as I understood Tim to be publishing a contribution of mine, and I've done some light editorial work on the actual game text, but I nevertheless know precisely as little as everybody else. (My last private contact with him is from early June, I think - before his formal disappearance.) I am not aware of anybody who would know more, either, unless one of the other contributors is holding out on us. I'm not much of a social media fiend, so not much help in that regard, but there's been no sign of him in the venues we've communicated through in the past.

    To tell the truth, what I've mostly been wondering is whether somebody should just bite the bullet and publish the game without Tim. I mean, he's not technically quite necessary for the process, and I do feel sympathy for the people who put actual money down on this. The copyright liability would be clear if Tim ever came back, though, and he might not appreciate us "helping out" in such an unregulated way.

    If anybody has any practical ideas about how to make up for the communal injury, do speak up - I'm a big fan of the game, and it's sad to see Tim mystifying (betraying?) people in a manner all but designed to target those who like the game the most. It is a dishonorable service to people who should by all rights be his friends in the hazy way that Internet begets.
  • I mean, the campaign didn't end that long ago, right? I dunno, I'm probably weird when it comes to Kickstarter projects: I back them and then I basically forget about them. I hate the stupid email updates. I'll get my thing in a year or whatever and it's fine.
  • Campaign ended about six months ago. The pdf delivery date came and went and now the print delivery date has come and gone. A number of the backers are upset, more with the lack of communication than the delay I think (though I obviously don't speak for them.)

    As for me, I'm willing to wait. I think it will ship at some point (and there does seem to be some larger issue - it's not like he's launching another Kickstarter and has backburnered this one.)

    To be honest, I have barely scratched the surface on the first edition so there's still more play value there for me. I'm planning on running a game as part of our local meetup, probably in April or May or June. If the 2nd ed happens to be out by then, I'll use it. If not, I'm happy with the 1st ed.
  • Concerned about this for sure. I buy few games in print, but backed this at the print level. Hoping to hear something soon.
  • Well Tim has resurfaced with an apology on his Kickstarter and a promise to get things finished in the next 4-6 months or at least keep us posted along the way so we know what is going on. So here is hoping.
  • Thanks for the update, @RichD . Hadn't seen that yet.
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