Bleakwood House Chronicles in Kingdoms of Not Ooo [AP]

I am playing Kingdoms of Ooo with two different weekly, tutorial groups: one made up of three grade 8 students and one with a lone grade six six student.  These are English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students who have been studying with me for a while.  Usually, we do half a class of traditional language study and half a class of tabletop roleplaying.  So that means about 30 minutes of roleplaying each week.  It seems short, but it isn't. Their English is good enough to play even if we have rough patches where we have to stop and use our dictionaries. I use the roleplay to teach spontaneous, new vocabulary; the students have to write a simple AP after the session as a homework activity.  So, it's a comprehensive learning activity: speaking, listening, vocabulary, and writing; the students enjoy it. 
In the past, we've played using @John_Harper 's Pocket Danger Patrol playsets: a fairy-tale fantasy playset, an Agents of Shield-esque re-skin, and a Journey to the West one.  These were playsets I'd brewed up based on the students' interests. Recently we wanted to change rule sets, so we've started to play Kingdoms of Ooo by Mike Wight ( @Gremlin_Legions ) (I hope I got Mike's last name right).
Kingdoms of Ooo is a World of Dungeons (WoDu) hack, set in the world of Adventure Time, a post-acapcalytic world of magic, technology, mutants and fairy-tale creatures.  But Kingdoms of Ooo isn't a straight up re-skin for Adventure Time.  It strips out some WoDu rules and adds some interesting innovations of its own.  It's a play-to-find-out sandbox.  One thing I've done is transplant our campaign into our own setting (hence the title of this post, "Not-Ooo").  It's a similar setting, but not Adventure Time.  I didn't want the students watching the show and thinking of th show as cannon. I wanted them to be free to create their own world.  Otherwise, we are playing the RAW.
In the older group, the characters are a half-demon prince, a great captain of soldiers, and a healer ready to defend her patients with a sword.  Why they are together hasn't been established yet. The younger group comprises a young thunder wizard (we're looking for more players for this group, but at the moment, it's a group of one).
For our first session, I brought Dirk Leichty's (@Dirk) Bleakwood House Chronicles dungeon starter. The two groups have approached the module completely differently. 
(to be continued)
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