Animated D&D mats


  • I love those, but I did laugh a bit when the article was lauding their broad usability. Not just for D&D, for any game! :D
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    Well if you just want the ambient sounds I'm a huge fan of Ambient sound mixer.

  • If I were still playing D&D 4e, I'd be very interested. So: Good catch!

    I have a large collection of beautiful, printed battlemats (from adventures, magazines, and the internet) but I have vowed to never use premade battlemats in my current OSR game. Plopping down a premade battlemat, even after the players' decision to fight, just communicates too many expectations -- "This is where we fight!" -- and thus closes avenues of action (teleport away after all, retreat to the next room not quite on the map etc.).

    But it's an interesting development, to be sure, and no doubt useful to some people, so thanks for the link!
  • And that's why you have the terrain down from step one.
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