[minis+] So, you say you need a medieval town...

I like to share stuff I come across or that other gamer nerds I know from other places on the intertoobz share with me.

One of the minis gurus I follow on FB posted these up today:

It's a bunch of papercraft buildings ( punch and assemble, no glue, no cutting, no painting, already full color,) in roughly 25mm scale ( so a little bitty for Games Workshop miniatures, but overall not too bad for other minis, and I don't care overmuch anyway).

They're from Russia and they're dead cheap, running about $5 USD per building ( although there are some larger kits that are more).

Most have sides or roofs that fold back to allow play in fully illustrated interiors.

A number of them also come with some 2D cardstock people, both knightly/soldierly types and medieval civilians ( nice if you'd been thinking about doing Braunstein/Narrstein, but don't have much of a collection of minis yet, or only heroes and monsters).

For about the MSRP of a hardcover mainstream RPG, you've got the core of a very solid medieval village and NPC minis/markers. It would probably work great if you wanted to have most of the main setting of your Beyond the Wall and Other Tales village in miniatures.

[They also have a few boats in similar scale]

Anyhow, thought I'd share. I've often thought that terrain building/buying is more of a hassle than minis buying/building, so knowing this stuff exists at this price and ease of build is kinda great.
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