[This may sound strange] I'm looking for Zak Arntson

Hi everybody!
To make a long story short: I'm working on a hack of Zak Arntson Shadows

Actually it's more than a hack, it's a complete game (I don't want to spoiler anything atm :)) built on the beautiful and ingenious core mechanic of his game.

I've been trying to contact Zak to ask his consent for sharing this work (Shadows is actually copyrighted under a CC 2.5 ShareAlike license, but I'd prefer to ask his permission) but the email adress on his website is not valid (also it seems that his website http://zaknet.tripod.com/ hasn't been updated since year 2000)

I have no Facebook and no twitter... I tried to google his name to find out a way to contact him (and I started feeling a bit stalker-ish :/) but nothing.

Can anyone help me?

If you think I'm taking this thing of asking him first too seriously please let me know!




  • Try Zak@signalstudios.net. If that doesn't work, grab a twitter account and DM him at @ZakArntson. I'm in the process of connecting to him on Facebook. If he accepts, I can forward a message to him. PM your email address to me and I can ask him to reach out to you.
  • Thank you! I tried with Zak@signalstudios.net and apparently my email has been successfully delivered. As soon as I hear from Zak and I re arrange some of the material I wrote I would be Happy to share here and receive some feedback!
  • YO! zak dot arntson at the gmails should always get to me. Sorry I don't have an active website or any online presence, really. The Signal Studios email is no longer valid (that was my old work email).

    As for Shadows permission, please use it! I'd love to see it continue out there without me.
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