It ends with a smile (200 Word RPG)

This is something I came up with a week ago, and I thought it would fit the 200 Word RPG Challenge format.

I'm an extremely social guy, and I read body language unconsciously like it's my second language ... which bores me to death. There are so many things that we do that are unnecessary, but skipping the previous steps makes people uneasy. I can usually see what a person wants to say, or feel, before they say it, but I still have to wait for all the (unnecessary) steps before this can happen. So this is a game that will make other more aware of what we do in a social situation, and why we do it.

Please point out any misspelling, or grammatical errors, and – most importantly – are there any unclarities in the game text?


  • The "recording" metaphor is cumbersome, unclear and creates excessive distancing effect. Otherwise good
  • Hey Rickard, This is cool. I think I can give you some helpful feedback. Would you please change sharing settings to allow for comments? Thx for sharing.
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    Good. What are the roles watching the recording ? The aliens act as themselves later ? What happens to Earth then ?
  • I think I can give you some helpful feedback. Would you please change sharing settings to allow for comments?
    Ah, how stupid of me. :) I changed permission so people can comment and edit.
  • I see one problem with the status of a genuine smile as opposed to the "smiling phase". If we don't stop the game, a genuine smile is sort of disqualified by the procedure.
  • I didn’t get DeReels input. Maybe I didn’t catch something. Anyway, I put a bunch of comments on your document. Hope they help some. I’d be glad to go through it again if you want. I can also try to clarify/refine any inscrutable comments.
  • The game ends when a player smiles.
  • DeReel, another popular Swedish game has the same rule, "Arga Leken". So that particular mechanic is well playtested.
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    I see. The list got me thinking we had to go through each step (eye contact, revelation, etc.). Tongue in cheek and all, I would never write essential rules between ( ).
  • Yeah I can get behind that particular point of criticism
  • Now I see the situation. To anchor the ETs I could use some Martian first names (classroom), titles (government) or surnames (tribe). Who holds the remote ?
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