The inimitable Caroline Hobbs to speak in Seattle

Caroline Hobbs of “<3 Games” is giving a talk in Seattle for “RPG Workshop”. Caroline is the author of “Downfall”, which is a really wonderful game that everyone should play!

I think she may well tell the tale of how she got her start in game design and how she has developed as a designer. She might even talk about the experience of making games in and for community and/or designing collaboratively. Who knows what else? You’ll have to come by if you want to find out! She’s amazing.

Her talk will be:
May 5. 5:00-7:00
Friday Afternoon Tea
4228 Stone Way N
Seattle wa 98103

Come get inspired! There could even be some suggested tea pairings to go with your favorite games. What could be better than that? Oh, and it’s free! There might be a donation can or something, not sure about that. Don’t let that stop you!

If you are in the North American continent or at least an adjacent continental landmass, we hope you can make it!!



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    Davey, what about making a video or audio recording, if Caroline’s down with it? I wouldn’t mind hearing it.
  • Great suggestion. I can’t recall... another person is heading this function up. May already be in the works. I’ll check!
    Btw: I’d love to hear back from you Jeff re- the reciprocal playtesting possibility betwixt our respective groups. Look for email in your story-Games inbox
  • Caroline and Marc drove up from Olympia to Seattle yesterday. We've got the initial recording up on YouTube, but there are a few hiccups, so we're working on a cleaned up video since we had several cameras running throughout. We'll also get an audio/podcast version up at some point, but here's the youtube recordings for now:

  • I've never been called inimitable before! I had a really fun time! Anxiety means I can never watch the video in full, so I hope it's coherent and useful! I think it might be! ^^;;;;;;
  • Caroline, a quick question I forgot to ask... do you move more product as pdf of print? Also, it would seem pretty clear to me that pdf would provide a higher “profin” margin than print, but I’d like your comment on that too.
    Thx again,
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