La Laverie : PbtA version of The Laundry by Charles Stross

here it is :

The beta version is available freely here :

There won't be any english [official] version, as the novels are licencied in this language. But a spanish version is already planned.



  • Awesome that exists (I found the BRP version lacking). Sad that it won't be in English. :(
  • Well, i suppose a non commercial & non official could be tolerated...
    Anyway, I wish we could add a FAE conversion chart, if not a FAE extension.
    Call to mercenaries
  • I'm in Paris next month.

    Now I know what to look for :)
  • Thanks. But i'm not from paris, and the game is only available on this crowd funding campaign. So...

    We'll make an english version of the webpage for those would want to pledge. I will have to add shipping for north america. around 12-15 euros.
  • I'm in Paris next month.

    Now I know what to look for :)
    How are your translation skills if I get one too?
  • Hm, I might be able to make out the Spanish version, or to get some help from someone on that.
  • Spanish version will be released much after that, i'm afraid. If it does.
  • edited April 2018
    @Lisa Padol I can puzzle my way through a French text; looking over the info page I'm getting about 80% per sentence and following decently the main thrust. And you know, a French rpg book is going to be more interesting to read than Jules Verne ;)

    @Maitresinh Je vous prie d'excuser l'échec de mon comprehension :)
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