Genre appropriate skill lists

I am gathering skill lists. I first went by environment and by historical period. I soon realized genre was really important too. I like the way Fate encourages you to zoom out or in on categories of skills according to the genre.
Can you point to me a library of skill lists for many genres ?


  • Thank you. This is very genre non specific though. Can you show to me a place where Gurps players display all sorts of skill lists ?
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    There was one for a Lady Blackbird hack that had a bunch.
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    I wonder : how does the limerick end.. ;)
  • There was some hack of Lady Blackbird
    with a long list of skill-naming words.
    They were genre-specific,
    and all quite terrific,
    but I'm not sure where they can be heard.

  • Thanks for the limerick.
    LadyB opened my mind to "freely authored" madness. Fate Core gave me the fighting style vs weapon skills. I'll come back to LadyB and devour the hacks, then.
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