Neural Network makes D&D Monsters

Check it out!

If you're clever, you might also find the spells it generated...


  • Some of those are at least as good as many featured in Dragon.
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    The spells as well: Song of the Dave!
  • My roommate and I saw this last night; it came across my FB feed. We *could not stop* hysterically laughing.
  • I first encounter this woman's brilliant work in the list of PAINT COLORS she had it generate, so I can safely say that pretty much everything on her site is out of control humorous.
  • I think the Neural Network just found some old WFRP material and tried to pass it off as original D&D content ;)
  • If you haven't come across them, the Coins and Scrolls blog wrote up descriptions of the monsters (and the spells). Some of them are quite amusing.
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    Thank you for that! Wonderful.

    This isn't D&D related, but the same site has just posted a list of neural net-generated April Fools pranks, and they are incredibly adorable!
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