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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection No. 71, including every tabletop project started between 02.26 till 03.05.

This week you’ll find the collection stuffed with cool and fascinating projects.
For example there’s Chernobyl, Mon Amour. A tabletop rpg focused on characters who fled society and stranded within the highly radioactive lands around the Chernobyl reactor. The game focuses on the characters, their situation and the personal drama with a narrative game design somewhat akin to Nordic Larp. It has been originally developed and written in Finnish in 2016 by Juhana Pettersson, who’s as well doing the project and the translation. I am fascinated by the approach, the setting as well as the design and thus backed and do recommend it.
I did place the Liminal RPG among the Role-Playing Games segment, though I think it might be as well worth a look if you like Story Games. You’ll find quite some info about the system in the second update and the game offers an interesting contemporary urban fantasy setting. Which I find quite intriguing
Far Away Land. is a rules-light game that should be fun for all ages. The system appears a bit more traditional, the fantasy setting looks quite fun and quite rich, well and you’ll find quite a lot of material.
If you prefer gm-less games you might like to take a look at the Protocol Fantasy Game Omnibus by Jim Pinto. You’ll get loads of Protocol Engine games. If you like Blades in the Dark and wish it was Cyberpunk Hack the Planet got you covered. Given that it is by the creators of The Veil it should be good, and if I were more into Cyberpunk I would back it in a minute.
You’ll find more interesting projects next to these. Like NecroMech does not only offer their classic rpg exclusivly as an app, but it comes bundles with a subscription online service. The Shrouded Order combines augemented reality with sightseeing and LARP. In regards of settings, Rappan Attuk opens the famous mega-dungeon setting to 5E and ANKUR will see a setting based upon the african continent.
Then there are plenty more projects, supplements, dice, pins & patches, a patreon and d!rip projects and many more. See for yourself:

English Crowdfundings

5 Role-Playing Games
3 Story Games
3 Settings
3 Supplements
1 Campaign
2 Adventures
1 Dice-Project
2 Dice-Accessoires
2 Podcasts & Audio-Dramas
3 Pins & Patches
2 RPG Apps
4 Patreon & d!rip Projects
2 RPG-Hybrid Games

French Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game
1 Various Project

Spanish Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games
1 Campaign



  • Mark Diaz Truman just recently started:
    Cartel: A Mexican Narcofiction Tabletop Roleplaying Game

    I am quite enthusiastic about the project. I follow the game at least since the AshCan release on GenCon - which I got snatch thanks to a friend - well and I think it's a great game (Powered by the Apocalypse) and an interesting, well informed and respectfully approached take on the topic at hand.
    I did back it and do recommend it wholeheartedly :smiley:
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    I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection no. 72 – Part 1 of 3, including every tabletop project started between 03.05 and 03.25.

    Thanks to the sheer amount of projects started within the past three weeks, I decided to split the collection into three parts. This part does contain all projects in German or from Germany as well as all projects in either French or Spanish.

    In regards of the German projects am strongly in favor of the translation of Coriolis by the publisher Uhrwerk. I got the English edition and am looking forward to the localized one, specially considering that Uhrwerk proved to be quite capable in handling previous crowdfundings. You’ll find that parallel to this projects there is as well a French project for the translation of Coriolis. Proving that the the system spreads quite a bit.
    I do like and would recommend the C-EL DICE, which offers nice dice made in Germany. Though the whole project is presented in English and thus invites a more international audience. Another noteworthy project is ERDENSTERN Live In Concert, which offers to elevate the atmospheric sound of the band Erdenstern to an orchestral level.
    You’ll find that the 3W6 Podcast seeks the support of patreons for their continued podcast, as well as Spielerverzeichnis asks for support to continue helping gamers to find each other.
    In regards to the French project, you should check-out Meute, which happens to be the 100st project on the GameOnTabletops plattform. Meute explores the folklore of (South) France in regards of Werewolves and will offer the character two sheets for their two lycantroph forms. The human one as well as the wolf one. The whole concept and design really does look exciting. Then there is P.I.R.A.T.E.S. A rather rules light, short in pages game in which players assume the roles of pirates. The game is designed to be enjoyed by adults as well as young gamers. Last but not least there’s Cartes fantastiques offering really cool looking map stuff.
    The Spanish novel CALAMITY does offer some reading material for those who like the D&D setting of Akuma.
    You’ll find the projects I just spoke about here:

    German Crowdfundings

    1 Role-Playing Game
    1 Dice Projects
    1 Podcast Projects
    1 Music Projects
    1 Website Projects

    French Crowdfundings

    3 Role-Playing Games
    1 Map Project

    Spanish Crowdfundings

    1 Novel

  • I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection no. 72 – Part 2 of 3, including every tabletop project started between 03.05 and 03.25.

    Thanks to the sheer amount of projects started within the past three weeks, I decided to split the collection into three parts. This part does contain roughly half of all the English projects.

    Cartel by Mark Diaz Truman is my current favorite crowdfunding project. The powered by the apocalypse game does place the player characters in Durango, Mexiko where they are engulfed in the machinations of the Sinaloa Cartel. I do took interest in the game ever since I heard about if in 2016, read the Ashcan edition as well as am doing my best to follow the information and discussion. So far I am absolutely convinced of the quality, playability of the game as well as of Marks capability to deliver. Two aspects, among many, that do endear the game to me are, that it is written with a profound knowledge of the culture, and that it offers a different take on the organized crime tabletop rpg genre as you are less busy trying to play a gang that advances through the structure but people who got to handle all the mess that cartel involvement (and their own actions) does subject them to. You can check out the project page, the free Quickstart or one of the many actual plays provided. While I do usually not include playing cards projects, I couldn’t help but find The Ode To La Catrina really befitting and beautiful, and hence would recommend it alongside Cartel.
    If you do prefer another take on crime and gangsters, take a look at Capers. Which sees you assuming the roles of gangsters in the roaring 20s, yet with the twist of superpowers. It looks like a fun settings, offers a neat card based mechanic and I did back as well as recommend it.
    Another game I backed is Flying Circus. A PbtA-Game set in a slightly different world during the ~20s to 40s, in which the world wars didn’t happen but some apocalypse did. You’ll assume the roll of daring, dashing pilots fighting a good fight or so. The main feature of the game, for me, is it’s cool air combat mechanic, that did see me convinced.
    If you like dog fights and dieselpunk, look no further than Fuel Priest. Which offers airborne action in a dieselpunk setting. The game will give the players agency to design the setting and offers a rather story oriented system. I am intrigued and got the project starred for future notice. Well, and last but not least, Irradiated offers a colorful, post-apocalyptic setting with a Quickstarter available.
    Among the supplements you’ll find a re-print of the „to cute to be true“ (but actually true) Baby Bestiary and in regards of the campaigns I took quite some interest in Emissary Lost for Coriolis, specially with all the translations going on and as I backed the KS for the main projects.
    Next to those I felt tempted by the Gametee: Finest Leather Notebooks, alas if I had more money. The Demon Sigil Pins are quite cool as well and I imagine the Glow Battle things might be impressive in Boffer fights (for a Cyberpunk campaign).
    Next to those there are many more cool projects, like There and Back Again: An Anthology of Travel and Gaming, which I really do hope will fund as I enjoy tabletop and larp rpg related traveling a lot. Just take a look:

    English Crowdfundings

    3 Role-Playing Games
    2 Powered by the Apocalypse Role-Playing Games
    1 Solo Role-Playing Game
    1 Gamebook
    3 Supplements
    4 Campaigns & Settings
    2 Adventures
    1 Playing Cards Set
    2 Notebooks
    3 RPG Accessoires
    7 Various RPG Projects

  • I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection no. 72 – Part 3 of 3, including every tabletop project started between 03.05 and 03.25.

    Thanks to the sheer amount of projects started within the past three weeks, I decided to split the collection into three parts. This part does contains the other half of all the English projects.

    In regards to the games I am swayed by Gears of Defiance on the one hand. The d6 system as explained presents an interesting angle to the rather „normal“ steampunk setting, as does the focus upon oppression, family bond and revolution. Given both aspects I decided to back it and recommend a look.
    On the other hand there is Imp of the Perverse. A story game inspired by the short story of Edgar Allen Poe. The characters face possession of the titular Imp, who tries to pervert their very being by the offer of power. Transforming them into monsters should it succeed. The characters are not only out to rid themselves of their imp, but to protect society from monsters who fell victim to their vices. The conflict is set in the Jacksonian era of American Gothic. Well and the whole project is something I couldn’t resist backing.
    Another interesting game is Dragons Conquer America. Which returned in a second attempt of funding the awesome looking game about the struggle for the Americas – with Dragons! It’s vibrant, colorful, designed with expertise and care and I do really like the project. I supported the previous one, and am currently trying to squeez it into my budget.
    Fans of Savage Worlds can look to Savage Tokusatsu to get a game full of Mecha & Kajiu action or to enjoy hunting dinos with The Dinosaur Protocol.
    Slayer’s Frontier offers a colorful game that looks like a mix of Slayers – the Anime – and Monster Hunter – the Japanese video game – yet being flexible funding on IndieGoGo sees my interest plummeting. If you rather like Sword & Sorcery you might like to take a look at Heroic Tales of Aglaeca.
    In regards of the dice, I do like the design of the Elder Dice and the The Dice Pen looks like a cool idea. Then there is Hermetica – A Library of Occult Symbols, which offers an interesting typefont filled with occult symbols. Well, and if your a fan of D&D 5E, PFRPG or Starfinder you’ll find loads of supplements and adventures.
    Next to many more cool projects, just take a look:

    English Crowdfundings

    4 Role-Playing Games
    2 Fantasy Role-Playing Games
    2 Savage Worlds Role-Playing Games
    2 Supplements for D&D 5E & PFRPG
    2 Supplements for Starfinder
    5 Adventures for D&D 5E, PFRPG and Starfinder
    4 Dice & Counts
    3 Dice Accessoires
    2 LARPs
    2 RPG-Design & Artpacks
    1 RPG-App
    1 Narrative Skirmish Game

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