[Exchange of services] Make me a website?

Briefly (the meat of it)

I want somebody to take care of the technical side of setting up a very small, very simple website (I call it a “landing page”). I’m looking for somebody who’ll do a professional quality job.
I can’t pay them money, though, so I’m offering to work for them in return – I can do game-related work and/or translation work (possibly other work, too – just ask). A barter. I’m asking on this forum because I expect there to be a higher ratio of people here who might value my services.
Read on for the details in case you might be interested in the deal.

My vision for a “landing page”

I want a single main Internet “hub” for people to contact me and see a list of my works.
My Internet presence (as an individual, professional and as a creator of role-playing games) is scattered over a number of service providers – free or not free – such as Google Sites, Gmail, Patreon, OneBookshelf, LinkedIn, etc. This is a reality of modern life I have to accept. I’m often tempted to add to that list but – unless I manually update each of the above to at least point at the new one and each other (headache inducing, ever a work in progress) – such an addition ends up further dispersing my presence. When I consider scratching something off the list or replacing one of the services (see my recent thread about Patreon) I grow anxious some people will be lost in the transition, made unable to contact me because of that one changed e-mail address or URL. Also, as someone who likes to make first contact with people in meatspace, I literally can’t figure out what to print on my business card.
I’m thinking of getting my own domain name, then. There, people will find a simple but good-looking HTML page (clean and readable text, probably a single centerpiece picture or logo, simple layout that displays acceptably on any device and screen size, definitely no Javascript) listing basic contact info and links to any other sites and services I’m using at the moment. Should I drop Patreon, resume blogging or change my email address, all I’ll have to do is fix a single line in the HTML source and update the page – people I’ve given my business card or who just remember my name will still know where to look for me.
I said “a page”, but I write and work in two languages, thus I’d actually like there to be two such pages – an Italian and an English one, linking to each other. Some contents might be more readable as a separate, linked page – such as a list of games, a change-log or the explanation of a long-term crowd-funding scheme: again, I’d rather have two of each, in different languages, than complicate the layout.
I said “static”, and I really value simplicity, but I guess a case could be made for feeds – as in the page showing snippets from the services it links to, the change-log outputting a feed to whoever might be interested, or a combination of the two – but then, perhaps not, in order to keep it quick and simple.
I understand having my own domain name means paying a monthly or yearly bill for it. On the other hand, I’m not worried about data storage space, as such a site needs very little in the first place and anything of meaningful size can be hosted off-site on some third party service. This is meant for indexing my stuff, not storing it.
In principle, I believe all of the above is something I might teach myself how to do (I used to understand HTML, but that was in the 1990s! I expect the world has changed). However, since I only intend to do it once (plus basic upkeep) it really makes more sense for someone else to it for me – someone who already has the know-how and will find it trivial. I’d rather spend my own time working at something I can already do well.



  • What I’m looking for

    I want somebody to:
    • build/code and set up a website as I describe above. I’ll provide the text and picture(s). Probably no more than half a dozen static HTML pages, all looking the same in terms of layout. I’m hoping for clean, human-readable code.
    • teach me how to upkeep it and alter/add/remove entries. Though no coder myself, I’m in no way a desperate case, I think – as long as your HTML is reasonably plain, I should be able to work within the “box” you provide. You’ll also need to guide me, step by step, through the process of uploading a modified page/site.
    • counsel me through the process of acquiring my own domain name, including perhaps recommending a cheap registrar/middleman company you’ve already had a good experience with.

    What I can give back

    As a wannabe “artist”, I am – have always been, will probably always be – in a tough spot with regards to money. I’ve worked odd jobs, done freelance work on the side and am currently on unemployment benefits (that will expire in a couple months). I live in a failing economy where people are starved for jobs. My skills, expertise and web of relationships are my only real assets.
    My best skill-set concerns role-playing games and their design. While I can’t say I’m “somebody” in the field (in terms of AAA design credits or a successful self-publishing career) I know there are people who value my expertise. If you are in the process of designing a game, I can offer my assistance and consultancy, in-depth “studio critique” of one or more drafts/prototypes, and perhaps playtesting – I do have access to a small but reliable group of friends who are quite experienced with a broad variety of story games, though I can’t of course include other people’s labor as a warranted part of the deal. While I’m most passionate about role-playing games, I’m quite knowledgeable about a wide range of other games (including but not limited to boardgames, card games and computer games).
    My other valuable skill-set comes from my professional experience as a translator. Should you need a text translated from English to Italian (my native language), I promise you the finest translation you might possibly get – more accurate and a better read than anything my competition can offer, and as carefully composed as to barely need proofreading. That goes for almost any kind of text – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, advertisement copy, tech manuals – short of legal prose (that I’m not qualified for), and I’m also adept at researching specialist topics for the purpose of translation. If needed I can do Italian-to-English, too, although I recommend a round of editing by a native writer (I’m myself very experienced at doing such editing work on translations to Italian from any other language). I have translated audiovisuals as well.
    I’ll produce testimonies for any and all the above skills if desired.

    Expectations of reciprocal standards

    Friendship is great! But, realistically, when volunteering any amount of work for friends or family we have to rate it as unpaid labor and downgrade our working standards accordingly – that’s both reasonable and an automatism. That’s not what I’m looking for in this case, though.
    I know that’s demanding for a lot, but upon entering this agreement I’m asking for the same standards of quality and to be given as much attention as a paying customer. In return, I promise to hold you in the same regard, and work as hard for you as if you’d payed me in cash. If it helps cement the deal, I recommend you write down a notional bill for how much I’d normally have to pay for your services, and I promise to return that much worth in labor, based on my historical pay rates. Alternatively, we can track work hours as an “objective” measure of equal work.
  • I can't help you myself, but I think this is a cool project, and I hope to see it succeed!
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    Hey @Rafu - drop me a line. We'll figure something out. My webdev site is here: http://www.asifproductions.com/

  • Of course Rafu needs to get a cool website. I think that the sort of landing page you envision is a smart move; I'll probably move to that sort of arrangement myself if I ever get myself back into the game for real.

    I could also do this for you - professional quality web design, that is - but it's a sideline for me (I've historically done more print publishing stuff), so AsIf is likely to be much more effective in terms of already having his preferred content management system at his finger-tips and so on. But let me know if you guys need an extra set of hands/eyes on the graphic design or something.
  • If you want help with the visual design, let me know. Here's what I've been working on for my own stuff: http://shrikedesign.com/new/index.php

    In exchange I'd ask you at some point to translate a short game text into Italian.
  • Everybody, thank you for your kind interest!

    @AsIf I've sent you an email.

    @Eero_Tuovinen your competence is probably more than enough for my needs, so I'll get to you should I fail to to seal a mutually profitable deal with Tod.

    @Eero_Tuovinen @David_Berg I emphatically don't think any extra hands will be needed for the graphic design, because I'm looking for extraordinarily minimal, almost nonexistent graphic design to begin with - I really don't care for any nonfunctional elements in a page. That's perhaps a temporary fetish (and fad) of mine. That said, I might have a lot of use for graphic designers on individual game projects!
    In exchange I'd ask you at some point to translate a short game text into Italian.
    Any of you who'd like such a thing, please don't hesitate to ask me for a quote! Payments in kind and useful services will be accepted, as well as hard cash at your option.
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