Podcasts of 2018

Hey gang - it's been a while since I've asked, but what's new with story game podcasting?

What do you love right now? What's up and coming? Any hidden gems?

Outside of hobby-related podcasts, are there any shows that inspire your storytelling?


  • I haven’t listened to it yet myself but this one looks good:

  • Not even sure this is the appropriate thread for it (does "twitch streaming" count as "podcasting"?), but I've just read the news and feel it's worth sharing:
    Starting tomorrow, [Chris Chinn of Deeper in the Game] will be running a once a week RPG stream on Twitch with Quinn Murphy through CypherofTyr’s I Need Diverse Games Twitch Channel.

    We’re doing Sundays, 6PST to 8PST. Our first game is Tenra Bansho Zero!
  • @Rafu, technically no, but it's definitely in the same spirit!

    @Jeff_Slater this looks like the sort of show I like. Thanks!

    I've been thinking about putting together a sort of audio diary of games. I experimented with podcasting a few years ago, and I like the results of it. It's useful meditation on game experiences, I think.
  • Great storytelling: Tanis, rabbits, the truth.
  • I’ve been trying to start an actual play RPG podcast, so I’ve been listening to a ton of them over the past year.

    All-time favorites:

    The Adventure Zone – Started out with a big, beautiful D&D 5e story about memory and loss and found family, now they’re doing smaller arcs in different systems. I really dug their most recent arc, “Amnesty”, about some small-town monster hunters in rural West Virginia, run in Monster of the Week. It’s three brothers and their dad, all performers, so the dynamic is really great.

    One Shot – Short runs in a variety of game systems, with a rotating cast of Chicago improvisers. Really loved their playthroughs of Rockalypse, Numenera, World Wide Wrestling, and Monsterhearts.

    Campaign – Also from the One Shot crew, an ongoing story in Edge of the Empire. The depths of silliness and emotional honesty they reach here are really special, and they do some very fun things with Star Wars.

    NeoScum – More Chicago improvisers, playing Shadowrun as agents of total chaos. Doesn’t pick up until episode 7 or so, but when it gets good, it gets *good*.

    Friends at the Table – D&D 5e. Solid production and fun characters. I’m not too far in but I really like where it’s headed.

    I have a few other shows in the rotation, but that’s the cream of the crop right now, as far as I’m concerned. For storytelling inspiration, consider checking out The Mysterious Disapperance of Mars Patel, Mission to Zyxx, Alba Salix, and Decoder Ring Theater.
  • I'm a big fan of the Play Better Podcast
  • @frenzykitty what style does Play Better want to get better at?

    @DBB that's a good list - thanks! And good luck with your project! I'm trying to get a second one started myself.
  • I haven’t listened to it yet myself but this one looks good:

    Across the Table has the best reviews I've listened to/watched/read. I also especially enjoyed the episodes about Epidiah Ravachol and SwoM.

    The Gauntlet has several very good podcasts for different topics (reviews, PbtA reviews, actual plays, DW, OSR…).
  • @Colin Thanks! What’s your first show? I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts.
  • @DBB, I hosted a show called Shake, Rattle & Roleplay for a while. Sadly, editing and life got in the way, but I think what we produced is pretty good.


    What's your podcast idea?

    @emarsk, funny you should mention, I'm playing Swords Without Master for the first time tonight
  • @Colin, awesome! I’ll subscribe and give it a listen. As someone who’s made a couple of podcasts at this point, I totally feel you on the life & editing problems.

    I don’t think my collaborators would want me saying too much while we’re still in pre-production, but I’ve got a group looking to put together an actual play podcast that’s going to be something like D&D meets Clone High.
  • @Colin

    I'm mostly a lurker here, but I can't miss a chance to plug my show!

    I host an actual play called Scene Play. We're about twenty episodes in, mostly college improvisers playing for the first time.


    Other shows that I love (and I mostly just agree with @DBB here):

    Friends at the Table is my favorite, they do longer arcs, probably the most character and world development in any actual play.
    @DBB they generally play PbtA don't think they've played any 5e yet.

    Retweet on the One Shot Stuff: One Shot, Campaign, and Neoscum are all wicked fun.

    Glass Cannon is the DnD (ok Pathfinder) podcast I listen to (and they're actually sponsored by Paizo)

    And I just started Bombarded, which is a new show by a band, who does an improvised song every episode and is scored all the way through.

    For non-actual plays, maybe pm me, I don't want to clog this thread, but audio storytelling is something I'm fascinated with.
  • Whoops! You’re right, @tucksravin. The Friends at the Table eps I’ve listened to are all Dungeon World. I had my wires crossed with another podcast I like called Join the Party. That one is a 5e show with a particularly fun cast of characters. Friends at the Table is more notable for deep worldbuilding (imo).

    Definitely going to check out your show and the other recommendations – the band one sounds very cool.

    If you’re into audio storytelling generally, I have to recommend Radio Drama Revival – it’s a great survey of what’s going on in audio fiction today (and I maybe did the cover art, so).
  • Bombarded sounds interesting. What are they actually playing?

    And what are you playing on your show, @tucksravin ?

    Is it me, or is everything AP these days? There seems to be little in discussion/advice that is about story games. I find myself missing Narrative Control, sometimes.
  • @DBB I'll 100% check out Radio Drama Revival (and especially the cover art)


    Bombarded is playing 5e.

    We're finishing up a Lady Blackbird story, with a flashback session played in Mutual Decision. So far we've played Downfall, Fiasco, Follow and a FATE/PbtA hack that I wrote.

    And yeah, actual play is really taking off over discussion. I think that a big part of that (coming from my experience) is that it's a lot easier to find people that are willing to learn and play story games than find people that are already knowledgeable and want to talk about them on a show.

    Also, if you want a catalog of current rpg podcasts, there's a website devoted to cataloging them here:
  • From what I read in its about page, rpgcasts.com is not really devoted to catalogue current RPG podcasts, but to "[feature] women, non-binary people, people of colour, and members of the LGBTQ+ community in the RPG podcasting community". It's kind of sexist and racist, in a way. It doesn't feature Across the Table, from what I can see, I suppose that's because it's run by two guys (straight? white? should we care?).
  • @tucksravin Ah, that seems like a really cool resource! Definitely going to share this with my podcast collaborators and possibly some audio drama folks. I'm a little ways into your Lady Blackbird game – fun so far!
  • My favorite podcast has been Sean Nittner's Narrative Control:
    There has not been an episode since 2016. Still, there is great stuff there.
  • For more discussion/interview-based podcasts, as opposed to AP, I recommend:

    Back Story with Alex Roberts (interviews w notable RPG/LARP/related fields folks)

    Design Doc with Hannah Shaffer and Evan Rowland (documenting and discussing their design process as it happens for the Questlandia sequel)
  • Yeah, the Back Story Podcast is very good!
    On OneShotPodcast, I also like "Critical Success" and "+-Modifier".
  • Definitely have to second Design Doc and Critical Success – I've really enjoyed both of those. Hearing Hannah & Evan's thought process unfold has been fascinating, and I learned a ton of stuff about game theory and how to GM from Critical success. Really bummed that James isn't doing that one anymore.
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