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"Destiny has a plan for all of us, with unlimited free texts and 50Gb of data. In this game, the player characters are fairly ordinary people who pick up gigs through an app on their phone, like one of those taxi or delivery service things but these gigs are usually carried out by mythological beings!"

This is a small game I've developed which features simple playbooks and rules to create short stories about everyday people taking on the roles of Death, Cupid, Angels, Devils and more. The emphasis is on story-telling, with players guided through creating the jobs their characters need to complete using a deck of standard playing cards to provide inspirations.

The game is GMless, with players encouraged to create obstacles to challenge each other, but there are also opportunities for both players & characters to help each other out.

I'd really like to hear from anyone who gets a chance to play this, but I'll hopefully be playtesting it myself in person at Concrete Cow in March.


  • Great premise!
  • Yeah, fascinating. Will have to take a look!
  • James,

    You are unstoppable.

    I was recently in an art gallery, and I saw this painting. I thought of you, naturally - may it inspire you ever forwards, with the force of possible (?) ancestors behind you.

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    I playtested this at Concrete Cow yesterday: maybe not the best environment for a playtest of a GMless story game (10am in a large hall with 4 other games taking place nearby) but it got the job done.

    We all sort of felt our way forward for the first hour (part of the 10am-ness) and I wasn't sure what sort of guidance to offer when asked some questions about the tone and agenda of the game, but in the second hour it all started to gel. All the PCs were at a rooftop Halloween party in a Californian suburb (the setting was the result of a combination of Placement choices in the set-up phase and I was happy with how these parts all flowed together) and in dogged pursuit of their Clients. Cupid was wearing a Cupid costume, the Angel was dressed as a Weeping Angel and the Reaper was dressed as Death, along with two other guests at the party. The Muse was, of course, dressed as... erm, Emily Bronte? Some over-lapping card choices in the set-up had created a sort of literary theme to everything, to the point where one vector of death used by a rival Reaper was a smoking black cocktail with a feather in it, called The Raven.

    We ended the game the round after the Ghost scared her airline pilot-client off his addiction to painkillers, which gave the Muse just enough time to inspire her Client with her love for a dancer/out-of-work actor at the party and write a story about him... which he took as a bad review of his life choices, the shock being too much for his drug-addled physique and he died more-or-less according to the Reaper's plan. The Muse and the Angel had to be kind of happy with an almost-success, as their two Clients did get together, but it was only a step on their journey, not the true love the Cupid had tried for.

    There were bits I was very happy with and one rule I wasn't, so that got changed in play, in order to 1) make challenges feel more dynamic and 2) stop players from winning them pretty much all the time. I've updated all the existing playsheets for the game now and added a help page to act as a guide to the assumptions and tone of the game, all in the Godjobs folder now if anyone feels like looking and feeding back.
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