Hillfolk Series Pitch: Young Africa

maybe you´re interested in my Hillfolk Series Pitch "Young Africa".
It is my very first text for a roleplaying game I place at the publics disposal.
In addition english is not my mother tongue.
If you nevertheless read the text and comment about it, I´d be happy.
Here´s the link:


  • Let me dig into this, this weekend, and I'll get back to you. Sounds cool!
  • err *"Does *** (do)" I think the "do" is lacking.
    Good stuff. The scenario reads intense, explosive.
    I like the political / publicity aspect.
    The musicians are tied from two ends : political and financial.
    I feel the film crew are somehow "a step back" compared to the other factions. Are they in for the politics ? the movie will be bad ? For the money ? They'll get paid anyway. I would like emotional investment. Romance maybe.
  • Thanks for your interest, Adam and DeReel. I´m very grateful for every kind of feedback. (Do you miss the "do" in the sentence about the cook? I´m not sure.)

    In what way do you think the film crew is "a step back"? In my imagination the film crew got hired by Pink Marocco, but the project is to such an extent extraordinary that most people on the ship will do their job for the politics (look at my first sentence after "characters"). Of course, there´s nothing to be said against one or two people on board, that are only working for the money and not on conviction (and so, could be possible obstacles for the others).

    I´m open for individual solutions, but the thing I´m digging for is the handling of doubt. There are many idealists on board and their conviction will begin to totter (more or less). What do they do to reach their goal anyhow? That´s the thing I´m interested in.

    Will the movie be good or bad? I don´t know. Ideally the course of the game suggests an answer. Normally, if all film crew members make an effort and overcome all possible obstacles, the movie should be good, I think.

    Romance is a good theme for the game, no doubt. I didn´t mention it explicitly, because I think, "love" is a quite obvious decision in the creation of Hillfolk-Charakters (when the "players proclaim the desires" of their characters). Do you think, it deserves an extra-mention?
  • Strange that. I pictured the film crew out of the politics of it all, because "documentary" vs propaganda or apology.
  • Ah, I understand that there is an ambiguity.
    In my eyes, the text doesn´t need a determination to this effect.
    But you´re right: there are two different possibilities.
    If the film crew is neutral, you have to think about the worldwide impact of the documentary. Maybe the result is a little dull.
    If the film crew creates propaganda, you have to think about the authenticity. Maybe the result is untrustworthy.
    Maybe the text gains something, if I point to this two possibilities. Maybe the attitude of the film crew is even worth an extra "theme". I´ll think about it.
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    I added "Dissension among the film crew" (p. 4). Zewdi Mewael and Adeto Kunbo are on board now.

    Here is the new link:


    Thanks DeReel!
  • For nothing. You know what's best.
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    Have you considered creating *Quickstart Character Playbooks* like these here:

    I find then very useful for getting into the setting.
  • To be serious: I had problems with this "quickstart character playbooks".

    Partly they are cheat sheet, partly they are character sheet, partly they are pregenerated characters. It seems to me the different informations are not arranged in proper order.

    I still have to consult the rulebook to look after rules not present at the "playbook" and I have to add things, that have no place at the character sheet sections.

    The pregenerated character details are the "torn between" ideas and some notes about choices regarding the characters role (bottom left). They may be useful, I admit, but I had no need for them after creating characters by the rules.

    How did you use them?
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