I bought the domain gmless.com

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What should I do with it?

Any cool ideas?


  • Besides highlighting tools and rules, host actual play sessions (written and recorded.)
  • Listing all games that can be considered "GM less" and mirroring the free ones.
  • We need a gmLess podcast. Make a podcast and post it there. I would be excited to have a weekly forum for reviews, game design discussion, interviews and actual plays. “Across the table” does a really good job with some of this, but not with enough regularity to slake my gmLess thirst.
  • The site could host all of the things mentioned above.

    When I was writing my game I tried to search a site that would demonstrate GMless role-playing and techniques it uses in clear terms. I would have linked to that resource in the game text. Unfortunately I didn't find anything clear enough. That site could fulfill the need, and almost all the ideas mentioned above would help in it.
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