Unsubscribing from a Thread

Is there a way of unsubscribing so that you are no longer notified about posts to a given thread?


  • Click/tap the star at the top right of the page. (The same thing you did to subscribe to that post.)
  • Hrm... that says "Bookmark." I've never bookmarked any thread in the weeks I've been here. I seem to be automatically subscribed for notifications from a thread once I leave a comment on it. This is the kind of functionality I like, but if a thread turns out to not be what I'm interested in, I'd like to be able to unsubscribe, too.
  • It's roundabout, but if you go into your notification preferences you can have it only notify you for threads you've bookmarked; you'll just have to start bookmarking each thread you care about. Otherwise there's no way (that I know of) where you can "unsubscribe" from notifications for a thread that you've participated in/started if you have those options checked.
  • Ah, okay. Would be useful to be able to just unsub somehow. Maybe the mods can add a way to do that? (hint hint) XD
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