"The Mountain Witch" Revision, finally!

After many, many... many... years, I finally finished my revision of The Mountain Witch.

I feel really good about this version of the book. What started with a "little" cleaning up quickly turned into a 80-90% rewrite. I worked hard at incorporating updated explanations and various "house rules" that have become my standard mode of playing the game. The game advice chapter---which I long felt was underdeveloped in the original version---is now the longest section of the book.

At this point I am going to spend the next month or so working out the production details before starting up a Kickstarter campaign. After the project is funded, I will send the book to an editor, then to layout, and finally to the printers.

So stay tuned! There is one section that I want to crowdsource some opinions on (Abilities), which I will post in a couple days.


  • Sounds great! I'm kind of new to indie games, so I never played the original. But I've heard about it and will definitely have a look at that Kickstarter once it's up.
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    Good to hear, congrats! :smile:
  • That is some fine news. The Mountain Witch is a classic of the form, and I can see how a new game text is well worth the while.
  • Excellent! I've got but never managed to play the original game. I've listened to AP podcasts and am aware of the legacy of it, so I'll be fascinated to see the revision.
  • That's mighty great news!
  • I am Very Interested in this. Please keep us posted.
  • This is good news!
  • I hope the combat/damage stuff is streamlined, I could never run it by the book. I always loved the ally/traitor stuff and hidden motives.
  • So many times waiting for it to come back.
    Does it still include a "scripted" version of the rules (sort of tutorial ?)
  • Wow!!! This is really great news!
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